17 Dec 2015
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Perhaps one of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays, Macbeth gets a 2015 update in the form of Australian filmmaker Justin Kurzel’s offering. After s fantastic big-screen treatment from Orson Welles, Akira Kurosawa and Roman Polanski, you may ask what more can be done with the same story? The answer is a lot.

The film may be new, but the setting and words are not, with Macbeth taking place in Middle Ages Scotland and all the words spoken are written by the bard himself.

The battle-weary general Macbeth (Michael Fassbender) receives a prophecy that he is to one day claim the throne of Scotland and sets about bringing this dream to life by murdering his king at the behest of his ambitious and greedy wife (played excellently by Marion Cotillard). What follows however, is a series of events that ultimately consume the newly crowned king.

If you think you know this story inside out, then think again. Macbeth may be a 400-year-old drama, but Kurzel and his screenwriters have cut iconic moments (no more toil and trouble), while breathing new life into others, reinterpreting them in unique way.

From blistering battle scenes to intense and emotionally raw performances, this is Shakespeare on film at its finest.

Verdict: 4/5

Close Range


Opening with an extended scene of a man breaking into a criminal stronghold and proceeding to ruthlessly dispose of just about everyone in his path, the tone of Close Range is set from the beginning. The mysterious fighter is Colton MacReady (Scott Adkins), a soldier turned outlaw who is more than willing to battle a corrupt sheriff and a drug cartel as he hunts for his sister and her young daughter. It’s not exactly award-winning cinema, but if you like your body count high and dialogue mumbled and gruff, give Close Range a go.

Verdict: 2/5

The Good Dinosaur


Playing out like Ice Age in reverse, The Good Dinosaur is about a bumbling Apatosaurus named Arlo (voiced by Raymond Ochoa), who makes an unlikely (not to mention implausible) young human friend (voiced by Jack Bright) who is determined to reunite the dinosaur with the rest of his family. Paleontological inaccuracies aside, the team at Pixar have come up with a suitably cutesy set of dinosaurs and thrown them into a familiar set up, along with a dash of mild peril, impressive visuals and a happy ending that will have young viewers smiling throughout.

Verdict: 3/5

Preview: Ghosthunters



After discovering a ghost lurking in the basement of his home, Tom (Milo Parker) is understandably scared. But Hugo (voiced by Bastian Pastewka) turns out to only be the average spooky kind and the duo enlist the help of paranormal investigator, Hetty Cuminseed (Anke Engelke), to reverse the work of on ancient ice ghost that is bent on spreading winter throughout the town in the middle of summer.

Bollywatch: Dilwale

Touted as one of the biggest releases of the year despite available details on the plot being relatively scarce, Dilwale sees Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol Devgan come together in a romantic comedy, slated for release next week. Director Rohit Shetty has assured audiences that there will also be plenty of action packed in for good measure.

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