Driven to Success: Qais Mohammed al Hinai

10 Dec 2015
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Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting, and thereafter receiving a Fulbright scholaship to pursue his Master’s degree in human resource management, Qais Mohammed al Hinai began life in the banking sector as an officer in the HR department, working towards heading a unit. While testing the new Centennial, Qais tells Y how he can achieve even more 

Q:  What drives you to success?

Waking up every morning with the aim of trying to attract and retain the best talent in Oman is what drives me. I’ve always believed that it might take a while, but hard work always pays off. I put in a lot of hard work and I have had a lot of sleepless nights. I believe in working hard in silence and letting the results make the noise.

Q:  Who or what has been your inspiration in your career?

There are two people; the first is the chief operating officer of our bank. When I was doing my Master’s in the US, he emailed me wishing me luck and told me I would make it successfully. It was largely because of this email that I graduated with a distinction in a very short time. The second inspiration is my father; he has instilled some wonderful values in me and has always been a very positive person, which is why I am positive and always remain calm and jolly.

Q:  What is your biggest career success to date?

There have been a few successful moments in my life, however, I think being appreciated for what I give to the bank, and seeing the fruits of whatever I do.

Q:  What are your goals?

Right now my goal is to be part of the management team, playing more of a strategic role, to help foster growth through policies and procedures that can help attract and retain talent to achieve the end goal.

Q:  Career-wise, where do you plan to be in 10 years’ time?

I would like to have done my doctorate in HR and maybe move into the consulting business. I feel that I have the knowledge and experience coupled with a lot of passion for HR development and that’s where I want to push myself.

Q:  What do you like about the Centennial, the premium series of Hyundai Motor Company?

The car is above my expectations, and the manufacturers have outdone themselves. It’s beautiful, smooth and I liked it very much. The interiors are nice, the drive, the engine, the quietness, the smoothness is very pleasant. It gives you a luxurious feel that reminds you of the German stereotype.


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