Bite Sized: Fight to the death

03 Dec 2015
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This sounds serious!

So much so that the incident drew carloads of police to an apartment in Sydney, Australia.

Really? What happened

After hearing a “woman’s” screams and threats of “I’m going to kill you” coming from a flat, one passersby called police fearing the worst.

And was it?

That depends on how you feel about arachnids. It turned out the screams and shouting were coming from a sheepish 30-year-old guy who was terrified after discovering a rather large spider in his apartment. And as it is Australia, it’s safe to say that it probably was huge and quite frightening.

They have some very poisonous spiders there, right?

Absolutely! Australia has the most poisonous spider in the world: the funnel web. And everybody is taught from an early age to be very careful around all types of arachnids.

So what happened to the spider?

It turns out that it eventually died after being sprayed with what is believed to be an entire can of insect spray. In fact, the police were so worried about the “fog” in the apartment that they thought it might blow up.

Don’t say: “Incy wincy spider.”

Do say: “Run for the hills!”

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