5 Tips to Boost Baby’s Skin Health

24 Dec 2015
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The cooler weather can wreak havoc on a baby’s delicate skin, so Dr William Sears, a pediatrician, author and a consultant for Huggies, offers up his top five tips for keeping your baby’s skin healthy as the seasons change

  1. Apply a moisturiser


With the arrival of the cooler months, it’s important to keep baby’s skin moisturised. Using a preventative ointment is a great way to boost skin health and keep baby happy as the air starts to dry out. Be sure to apply ointment prior to going outside in the winter, and after bathing when your baby’s skin is particularly accepting of moisture. Look for one that is free of dyes and preservatives, contains minimal ingredients and is fragrance free.

2. Vaporise the air


Winter air is extremely dry and can leave baby’s skin cracked and irritated. Combat the dryness by vaporising the air in your home, particularly in baby’s main spaces. Vaporisers will increase the humidity in the bedroom and help prevent winter skin from drying out. As an added bonus, the steam will also act as a heat source and can help keep your baby warmer as it begins to cool off.

3. Find the right baby wipe


Wipes are one of the best tools for combating and preventing skin irritation. When choosing a wipe, make sure you look for a brand that is alcohol-free so it doesn’t dry or sting the skin. You will also want a wipe that is paraben-free, and free from potential irritating preservatives such as Methylisothiazolinone, otherwise known as MI. Huggies Natural Care Wipes don’t have any of those ingredients and are made with 99 per cent water with a little aloe and vitamin E for replenishing sensitive skin. They are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and have Triple Clean layers that are gentle on baby’s skin and thick enough to clean their hands and faces, all the way down to their bottoms. Plus, the wipes come in a portable, refillable clutch making them great for on-the-go seasonal activities.

4. Boost omega-3 intake


Omega-3s act like anti-inflammatory elements to help heal and repair the skin. “If you don’t want your skin to feel like a fish, eat more fish,” says Dr Sears. Seafood is a super food for the skin because it contains omega-3s as well as vitamin A and vitamin D.

5. Choose cotton


In the winter, it is vital you avoid skin irritants as baby’s skin is already more susceptible. Often in an attempt to ensure baby stays warm as temperatures drop, we are inclined to dress them in wool or synthetic materials, not realising these fabrics can be more abrasive and cause irritation to the skin. This winter, reach for cotton. Cotton clothing, bed sheets and blankets will keep baby warm and their skin comfortable in chilly weather.

Baby’s skin is extra sensitive and tends to get even more susceptible when it’s colder, so take these necessary steps to “winterise” your child’s skin and keep them happy and healthy. Visit Huggies.com for more information and expert advice from Dr Sears.


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