Cool Gadgets for 2016

31 Dec 2015
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Gadgets 2016: It’s shaping up to be an innovative year for tech, with developers pulling out all the stops and guaranteeing a few surprises along the way, says Matthew Herbst



Wish upon a star


When living in the city, it’s not always possible to gaze up at the night sky and see the stars. The reality is that you’d have to escape to the desert to catch a decent glimpse of a a clear starry night sky, which isn’t always possible. But all isn’t lost, as the folks at Sega have created a planetarium that allows you to view the stars and constellations from the comfort of your sofa. Surprisingly, the Star Theatre Planetarium uses the same lens as a real planetarium to show the constellations in incredible detail. Its LED technology enables you to see 60,000 stars projected onto your ceiling or wall, while there’s a brilliant feature that let’s you catch the occasional shooting star. Grab this magical experience at from RO44.21.



With the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens just released, this is sure to be a hot favourite for gadget lovers. The Sphero BB-8 has loads of cool features like holographic communication, which allows the recording, sending and viewing of virtual holographic videos through your smartphone using the app. You can also teach BB-8 to recognise your voice. Smart. Available at Virgin Megastore in City Centre Muscat from around RO80.



Back in the day, 3D scanners weren’t just big and heavy but cost a fortune, too. Thanks to today’s smart technology, the Fuel3D Scanify changes all of that. This handheld device is designed to scan an object in a few seconds and with just one click, Scanify’s full-colour 3D scans capture organic shapes, skin and artefacts or anything else you want in an instant. It costs from RO584.28. Go get your fun at



With the MIITO  you can finally get rid of your kettle. But this nifty energy-efficient device doesn’t just heat water – it can handle  many other liquids as well, such as coffee, soup and even sauces. It is also compatible with many different vessels, which means you can use your favourite mug or even a teapot when you have guests. Available at from RO78.87.



Hearnotes are a unique set of earbuds that don’t need a Bluetooth connection, just a dongle and the accompanying Kleer technology. These are designed to provide wireless listening, likely to be clearer than many Bluetooth headsets.It provides four-plus hours of battery life, inductive charging and up to 50 feet in transmission range, as well as an ergonomic fit. Check them out at Price available later in 2016.

NEW: The Devialet Phantom Wireless Sound System


Over the years, Devialet has proven that it’s got a knack for turning ordinary pieces of technology into beautiful hi-tech equipment. The Phantom is a stunning piece of kit that is a
Hi-Fi, dock, speaker, cinema and wireless device rolled into one that can link multiple rooms. The system is pricey, but it looks the business and takes clarity of sound to a new level. At from RO769.

Editor’s Pick: New Look


We all know that fitness trackers aren’t exactly new, but Swarovski’s Shine adds a touch of elegance that many women may prefer as an alternative to the sporty, masculine trackers currently doing the rounds. But there’s also a practical side to the bling: the crystals store solar energy to power the tracker without need of a battery. It is also a beautiful piece of design, available AT from RO65.



LifeSite aims to provide secure storage for personal information in the LifeSite Vault.
The web-based tool and companion mobile
app provide a space for storing sensitive data like financial records, legal documents, passwords and emergency contacts. LifeSite claims data is protected by permission-based sharing and high-level document encryption. Users can choose to create a back-up contact in case of emergency. Check out to see which plan best suits you.


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