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19 Nov 2015
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Bring your cooking into the 21st century with this selection of smart kitchen gadgets, says Matthew Herbst
Smart Chef


If you’re in the market for a precise cooking partner, Cinder could well be it. This clever bit of kit is able to cook food to an exact temperature and then hold it there without continuing to cook until you are ready to eat your meal. It can also sear, caramelise and sauté. Health-conscious chefs will be relieved to know that it nearly eliminates the grease splatters and smoke you often get when cooking fatty meats. Available next year at from RO95.81.

Tea Time


Gone are the days of painstakingly brewing and whisking Japanese matcha tea. The ancient craft has been given a 21st-century update in the form of the Tea-Ceré, which brews and whisks your favourite drink to an ideal froth. All you have to worry about is which cup to serve it in. Available at from RO115.5o.



This smart pan was specially developed with foodies in mind. The Pantelligent has a central temperature gauge that monitors the entire cooking experience, telling you the ideal temperature for however you like your meat or fish cooked, including reminders through the accompanying app when it is time to flip the food. Sync your phone to the pan and the perfect meal is only a few steps away. Available at from RO76.57.

Calorie Burner


Ice cream is hard to resist, especially in sunny countries like Oman, but the calories can be a worry for those who like to watch their waistline. There may be a solution though – enter the Kickball Ice Cream Maker, which ensures you burn a few calories before consuming them. Thanks to a soft rubber exterior, it works just like a regular ball, meaning you can kick it around and build up a sweat, with the constant movement churning and turning the contents, eventually resulting in frozen goodness. Available at from RO13.50.

Oodles of noodles


This Japanese gizmo is primarily aimed at young chefs, but is easily one of the coolest noodle-making machines on the market. The name is O-Uchi de Ramenya, which translates to “ramen restaurant in your home”. The process is similar to other noodle machines, but with vibrant colours and a cool handle, this one is oodles more fun. Available at from RO19.50.

Editor’s Pick: In a dash


If you’re a fan of protein and rely heavily on getting your egg fix each morning, this is for you. Sure, making hardboiled eggs the old-fashioned way is easy enough, but the Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker speeds everything up so healthy eating can fit into your busy lifestyle. It can boil six eggs in just 12 minutes and also cooks individual omlettes, as well as poached and scrambled eggs. Available at from RO5.75.

New: 3D Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino


If you fancy yourself as something of a budding barista artist, why not go the extra mile and make 3D coffee creations. The Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino turns all types of milk super frothy, allowing you to build impressive foam sculptures on top of your hot and cold drinks. It features a dispenser that looks a bit like a gun to provide excellent control over the amount of froth that lands on your target, allowing artists to build 3D shapes that would otherwise be difficult using less-specialised milk-frothers, toothpicks or spoons. Scoop one up at from RO22.31.

App of the Week: Fooducate – Healthy Weight Loss, Food Scanner & Diet Tracker


When you’re busy at work, the gym can sometimes take a back seat, meaning that your focus has to fall on healthy eating. Fooducate helps you lose weight through progress tracking and adds motivation on your off days through a community of people united by the same goal. The app teaches you more about the food you’re buying by letting you scan a product’s barcode to see a personalised nutrition grade, find out the pros and cons of that item and choose healthier alternatives if necessary. Free for iOS and Android.

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