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05 Nov 2015
POSTED BY Y Magazine
In the spirit of Y’s National Day art competition, Matthew Herbst brings you some of the most creative gadgets around




Thousands around the world have found photography fame through the much-loved Instagram app, which has provided us all with a platform to showcase our creativity. Instacube is a digital photo frame with a difference, in that it wirelessly streams your Instagram photos and videos in real-time, giving them the publicity and exposure they so truly deserve. Insert appropriate hashtags here. Available at from RO89.07.



Inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment, the Buddha Board allows you to paint with nothing more than humble H2O. Just dip the brush in water, paint your masterpiece on the special canvas and watch your creation gradually dry before mysteriously vanishing. Then start again. Great for short and sharp bursts of creativity. Available at from RO17.78.



With the Rubik’s Cube Light you can now light up your bedroom and put your puzzle skills to the test, all at the same time. This giant Rubik’s cube is fully playable and the light itself stays super-bright for two hours on a single charge, which will hopefully be enough time for you to twist and turn you way through the challenge. Available at from RO11.87.



While the Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus may look like an oversized standard stylus, de-capping it reveals a paintbrush, complete with bristles and all. They’re as soft and flexible as a real paintbrush and allow you to control your digital painting beautifully, just as you would on any canvas. Now go forth and be creative. Available at from RO15.30.



Fed up with taking a boring 2D image that doesn’t do justice to what you see before you? Enter the Poppy 3D, which has to power to transform your iPhone into an impressive three-dimensional camera and viewer. Just install the free iPhone app, slide your phone into this slightly retro-looking device and you’re ready to go. The Poppy uses a series of mirrors and lenses to capture photos and video from different perspectives, so that when you look into the viewfinder, your eyes see two different images and your brain seamlessly merges them together into one striking 3D picture. Available at from RO29.68.



Every creative needs an aesthetically pleasing hard drive close to hand. The LaCie Christofle Sphère has been specially made to complement high-design computers by brands like Apple. The silver-plated Sphère has been designed by luxury silversmiths Christofle and has a huge 1TB of storage, meaning you’re not going to run out of room any time soon. Available at from RO188.55.



If you’re one of those people who constantly loses their hastily scribbled ideas, sketches or to-do lists, this clean and easy to use drawing app is the one for you. Whether you’re just jotting down ideas or showcasing your next digital Van Gogh-style painting, Paper is the way to do it. Just think of all the trees you’ll save. Go green and download the app at for free for iPhone and iPad. Add to your creativity with the FiftyThree Pencil from RO19.22.


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