Spooky Halloween Gadgets

29 Oct 2015
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It’s that spooky time of year again and what better way to keep yourself busy over Halloween than with these cool but scary gadgets, says Matthew Herbst
Crazy Eyes


You’re likely to cause a stir at any party this Halloween with the Frantically Moving Eyeball T-Shirt from Digital Dudz. To achieve its disturbing effect, just download the free app to your smartphone, pop the phone into the pouch inside the shirt and let the horror commence, as the eye in the middle flits about madly. Compatible with both iOS and Android, available at morphsuits.com from RO9.50.

In Safe Hands


Nothing is more frightening than being chased by an angry teacher or boss for losing your files on an important day. The solution is to scare everyone off by storing your most valuable documents in the very safe hands of this miniature Jason Vorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise, which actually doubles as an 8GB flash drive. Available at amazon.com from RO9.63.

Creepy Crawlies


You’ve probably owned a couple of radio-controlled cars in your time, but I bet you haven’t had an eight-legged pet under your control before. Now you can and your friends better watch out, as with this gadget you’ll have the power to send a giant black widow spider their way without them knowing. The Elenco Mechanical R/C Black Widow can scurry forward, backward and in circles around the feet of your frightened friends and family for some priceless scares. Available at amazon.co.uk from RO18.

Light Sounds


Add spooky sound effects to your Halloween party with the Sengled Pulse Solo. But this is no ordinary Bluetooth speaker, it’s also a dimmable LED light bulb able to screw in to regular light bulb sockets to draw power. Great for surprise howls or undead moans from a hidden source. Kill two birds with one stone at amazon.com from RO20.50.

Who you Gonna Call?


If you feel your home has an unwanted guest then you’ll want to pick up the Baketan Ghost Detector 2.0. It apparently has the ability to detect ghosts in your immediate area at the push of a button by analysing the noise level of the atmosphere. When a disturbance is detected, the light on the strap turns red, which can only mean one thing – a spirit is close. If that doesn’t frighten you enough, the device also has something called a Kotodama Tuner that supposedly uses algorithms to translate spiritual energy into human speech. Available at strapya-world.com from RO8.93.

NEW: Annoy-a-tron Prankster Pack


Let your inner mischief-maker loose with the Annoy-a-Tron Prankster Pack and drive everyone at home or at work mad in the process. If you’re aiming for a light and fun Halloween this year, then use this pack of three for a series of annoying and spooky sounds that will have everyone turning their home or office upside down searching for them. The Eviltron is particularly good for Halloween and will terrify any colleagues working late by emitting eerie sounds. Available at thinkgeek.com from RO5.77.

Editor’s Pick: Whats that sound?


The Mega Stomp Panic is an audio reality experience like no other and you’re sure to be the talk of the town wearing one. If you fancy yourself as a zombie, cowboy, pirate or a host of other characters, just clip the Mega Stomp Panic to your trousers, select the desired mode and walk. Every time you step or stomp, the gadget senses your movement and plays the appropriate sound effect to complete the audio illusion. Available at thinkgeek.com from RO15.39.

App of the Week: ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier


Ever wondered what you’d look like if you became infected and turned into a zombie? The ZombieBooth gives you the opportunity to make this dream a reality through a series of 3D and animated features, creating a killer look. You can then send your creation to your friends and give them the fright of their lives! Free for iOS and Android.


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