Bite Sized: Face the Music

22 Oct 2015
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What’s this about?

It seems that a fed-up teenager inadvertently caused a major police operation in Germany because he was, like, so totally over mum and dad’s taste in music.

We get that a lot, too.

But we bet your 15-year-old son didn’t pull a stunt like this!

So what did he do?

You know what teens are like. It was a long road trip and his parents had control of the car’s sound system, playing endless hits from the 1960s.

Nothing wrong with that!

For the middle-aged, maybe, but it seems that The Beatles and Tom Jones failed to impress the teenager – and to be honest, we don’t blame him! So as a joke, the teen wrote the word “help” on a piece of paper and the car’s registration number. Then he tossed it out the window as they cruised along a motorway.

What happened next?

The note was picked up by a passing motorist, who promptly called the police. Fearing they had a kidnapping on their hands, the police then tracked down the car and set up a major roadblock.

That’s so uncool!

Yep, more so as the police ordered the family out of the car at gunpoint to conduct a search. But when they realised the embarrassing misunderstanding, the police let the family continue on their journey, no doubt in silence.

Don’t say: “Nobody can stop the music!”

Do say: “Requests, please.”

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