Y Now Powered with Augmented Reality Experience

10 Sep 2015
POSTED BY Y Magazine

Welcome to the future of publishing, a world in which Y Magazine’s stories will be brought to life in the palm of your hand via an exciting augmented reality app called OMAR. As the world’s first dual-language augmented reality app, OMAR offers an interactive 3D video experience, where Y readers can go behind the scenes and and watch Team Y in action as we head out on stories around the city and beyond.

The app will allow readers to bring Y Magazine to virtual life on their mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

“Augmented reality is probably the best thing that has happened to the print and publishing industry,” says Satyabrata Acharya, the chief technology officer at Eminnova Technology, the company behind the OMAR app.

OMAR features the best image recognition technology, nearby places of interest based on geo-tracking, while it can also recognise objects and shapes, and supports 3D interactive content.

To experience Y’s exciting new development, all you have to do is download the app and follow the instructions on this page.

The future of Y is in the palm of your hand!

Y now powered with Augmented Reality Experience






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