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17 Sep 2015
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The Runner

Set against the backdrop of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010, The Runner stars Nicholas Cage as Colin Pryce, a Louisiana congressman who rises to national fame after passionate pleas for federal assistance in helping to protect Louisiana’s delicate ecosystem and provide aid to the local business that are struggling in the wake of the tragedy.

However, Pryce is forced to reassess the direction his career is taking when incriminating footage of him is leaked anonymously, leading to a public scandal and a media firestorm that damage his ambitions to run for the Senate.

When you look at the outline of the plot and members of the cast – including a fantastic Peter Fonda as Pryce’s old-school father – this is a film that had huge potential. A shame then, that first-time director Austin Stark gets it all a bit muddled and presents everything in an uneven and largely lifeless fashion.

Nicholas Cage continues to search for the form that made him a great and well-respected actor, but sadly he hasn’t found it just yet, which makes The Runner just another run-of-the-mill political drama.

Verdict: 2/5


Absolutely Anything


After decades of tinkering with the script, Absolutely Anything is here, bringing together a stellar comedy cast including all five of the surviving Monty Python actors and the late Robin Williams. Neil Clarke (Simon Pegg) is a school teacher imbued with the power to do absolutely anything he wishes by an alien council. The idea is that if he uses his remarkable abilities for good, the Earth will be spared, and if he doesn’t, it will face destruction. Unfortunately, the humour is largely immature and even the legendary cast cannot save Absolutely Anything from absolute mediocrity.

Verdict: 2/5


American Ultra


After discovering he is, in fact, a sleeper agent with formidable combat skills, laid-back convenience store worker, Mike (Jesse Eisenberg) finds himself in the middle of a government operation that will require him to summon all the secrets of his past if he wants to get out alive. An amalgamation of Pineapple Express and the Jason Bourne films, American Ultra bags a few laughs here and there, but ultimately falls short of both. On the plus side, the awkward chemistry between Eisenberg and his live-in girlfriend (Kristen Stewart) is entertaining.

Verdict: 2/5


Preview: Pawn Sacrifice


This film tells the true story of Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire), the legendary chess master who challenged the Soviet Union and its greatest player, Borris Sapssky (Liev Schreiber), to a heavyweight showdown during the Cold War. For all his genius, Bobby flirts with madness and paranoia, raising questions about whether he can hold it together for the big match or whether he will crack under the pressure.

Bollywatch: Fraud Saiyaan


Arshad Warsi is the titular fraud in Sourabh Shrivastava’s light-hearted comedy about a man who struggles to juggle his 13 wives. The question is, will he be able to meet all their demands and keep them ignorant of his lies, or will he get caught up in his self-woven web of deception?

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