Great Gadgets for Men

10 Sep 2015
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Boys never really grow out of their toys and it only gets better as you grow older thanks to the selection of seriously cool gadgets out there, says Matthew Herbst


Light it Up


A much-needed boys toy when you are outdoors at night. Not only is the Midland ER200 going to illuminate your path, it’s also an AM/FM NOAA Weather Emergency Crank Radio and has an SOS flashlight beacon that flashes Morse code. The nifty part is that it contains a 2000mAh portable power bank with a USB charging port and cable for emergency mobile phone charging. You’ll be happy to know it’s also waterproof, making it perfect for those wadi and beach camping trips. Available at from RO16.50.

King of His Castle


Every man wants to keep his family safe and secure. So why not invest in the Izon Stem White Wi-Fi Video Monitor Surveillance Camera to ensure they are safe when you are away? You can place the camera anywhere in your house and once it’s connected to your wireless internet, you can see what’s going on in the room through your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Available at from RO38.50.

Just in Time


LG’s G Watch R smartwatch is a rugged and masculine-looking time piece, boasting a fully circular display and a design that makes you look like you’re actually wearing a watch as opposed to a tablet on your wrist. It has a Snapdragon 400 processor paired with 512MB RAM and 4GB of internal storage. You should be able to get 24 hours of use before having to juice up, Available at from RO116.50.

Boy’s Toy


Ditch the car and go super mobile on this Boosted Electric Skateboard. It’s so small you can literally take it anywhere, unlike your car. If you’re worried about keeping your balance don’t worry, Boosted Boards make learning to skate easy. Simply hop on the board’s bamboo deck and use the small handheld remote to slowly accelerate and brake. You’ll be cruising around Muscat at up to 35kph within minutes. Just a single charge of the lithium battery will give you a 12km range from its powerful electric motors. Available at from RO385.50.

Rugged Sound


Outdoor Tech has come up with the awesome Chips headphones, which deliver great sound directly into any helmet. Ideal for the guy who hates being tangled up in wires while doing anything extreme outdoors, the headphones consist of 40mm drivers that can be inserted into headbands or snapped into any headphone frame. They’ll stay on your ears without interfering with your helmet and the built-in mic lets you take calls or summon Siri at your command. Its oversized buttons let you control the audio or call connections with gloved hands. Snap a set up at from RO50.50.

New: DJI Drone


DJI is what you are looking for when it comes to consumer drones and this brand is definitely turning heads with the incredibly futuristic-looking Inspire 1. This drone has carbon fibre arms that give you a 360-degree view, an integrated 4K camera that boasts 12-million pixels and a nine-element lens that captures footage at 30fps. What more could you ask for in a drone? DJI’s fantastic mobile app gives you full control and can be powered simultaneously by two remotes if you’re looking to make things more interesting. Available at from RO1,518.50.

Editor’s Pick: EXTRA LARGE


Surprise your friends when they come over for movie night by swapping out your smart tv and introducing a 4k ultra short throw projector. The very clever people at Sony have Disguised this piece of tech to look like a piece of furniture. But it’s actually able to deliver a crisp, beautiful image over 147-inches. the only question is: do you have the wall space? Sit back and enjoy the show at from RO11,554.50. from RO11,554.50.

App of the Week: Art of Manliness


As its name suggests, this is probably the manliest app out there. In fact, your testosterone levels may well increase right after you download it, giving you instant access to podcasts and videos providing advice on things like how to jump from a speeding car and a man’s guide to dining etiquette. Go on, be a man and get the app; it’s free at


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