Bite Sized: Double Trouble

17 Sep 2015
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Our  weekly slot takes a lighthearted look at a news issue of the week. This time it’s double trouble

Q) What’s this?
A) Every parent’s nightmare: that moment when an older sibling throws down the gauntlet and issues a double dare to an impressionable younger brother or sister.

Q) I used to do that, too!
A)We think many kids have done it at some stage – even certain members of Team Y who will remain unnamed! But this one is a classic and good enough to have made global headlines.

Q) It sounds like a doozy of a dare!
A) It was. Basically, six-year-old Juliette Grimes was at a local pizza parlour and game arcade, near Dallas-Fort Worth in Texas, with her family when big sister Katy, eight, dared her to climb into one of the games to grab a prize. Never one to shirk a dare, Juliette climbed through the prize shoot and the rest, as they say, is history.

Q) Hilarious! What happened next?
A) Poor Juliette got stuck and the photo of her sad little face pressed against the glass of the arcade game, surrounded by her laughing brothers and sisters, has gone viral.

Q) How did she get out?
A) The local fire department came to the rescue. And managed to keep a straight face.

Q) What did her parents say?
A) Unsurprisingly, both Juliette and Katy were grounded and also lost their TV privileges for a spell. Their mum, Cecelia, is adamant that it won’t be happening again.

Don’t say: “I double dare you!”
Do say: “Sorry, mum.”

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