Get Ready For a Warm Winter!

27 Aug 2015
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If you’re looking forward to the end of summer and a cooler climate with refreshing rain showers, you may be disappointed.

Weather experts are warning that the capital is likely to face a warm winter this year with a reduced chance of the rain outbreaks that usually come to wash away the dust and heat of summer.

Despite the imminent arrival of September – traditionally the last month of the hot season – neither the temperatures nor humidity are showing any signs of let up. This week, Muscat saw the mercury hit as high as 45°C (113°F) with humidity tipping over 45 per cent. The weekend is also expected to see highs of 40 Celsius and above, continuing into the new working week, according to long-rate predictions.

Muscat’s residents are now hoping for a little help on the weather front. In Seeb, a prayer was held for rains last Friday.

Prayers have been answered in some lucky parts of the Sultanate this week. Rain and hailstones fell in Samail, around 77km from the capital, on Tuesday afternoon, causing wadis and roads to flood.

International weather forecasters say Oman could be seeing the effects of a strong El Nino – complex weather patterns due to sea temperature changes in the Pacific Ocean – this autumn/winter, which in turn brings warmer or unpredictable conditions across the globe.

“It (El Nino) could possibly be one of the strongest on record,” Hamid al Brashidi, meteorologist at Oman’s Public Authority for Civil Aviation, told a local newspaper this week.

“This phenomena could potentially bring much rains, floods in some places and droughts in other areas. The strong El Nino could also be contributing to what we have been experiencing already, considering 2015 as one of the hottest years ever recorded.”

While we can expect it to cool down in Muscat next month, it might not be as low as hoped. Get ready for a warm winter soon.

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