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13 Aug 2015
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Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

When a fresh-faced Tom Cruise first appeared as Ethan Hawke in Mission: Impossible back in 1996, who would have thought that he’d still be reversing cars down huge flights of stairs and climbing into airborne planes all these years later?

The fifth instalment in the series brings Cruise back together with his crew of familiar faces, including Simon Pegg, Michelle Monaghan and Jeremy Renner as they fight for their lives against the Syndicate, a rogue organisation trained to kill agents of the recently disbanded IMF.

The action comes thick and fast, and this, together with scene-stealing performances from Rebecca Ferguson and Sean Harris, is likely to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

The adrenaline is set racing from a death-defying stunt that opens proceedings and director Christopher McQuarrie doesn’t let the heart rate dip lower than a frightened rabbit’s until the credits roll. A must-see although you may need a spa day afterwards to calm your nerves.

Verdict: 4/5


Inside Out


Joy, fear, anger, fear and disgust are powerful emotions personified in the head of Riley Andersen (voiced by Kaitlyn Dias), an 11-year-old girl uprooted from her life in the American Midwest and forced to make a new one in San Francisco, where her dad has recently taken a job. Inside Out is an enjoyable gentle fable, and hats off to Pixar for the unique concept. However, constantly flitting between real life and what’s going on inside characters’ heads can get a bit confusing at times. And mentally exhausting.

Verdict 3/5


Cop Car


After fleeing their homes in an ill-considered flash of pre-teen rebellion, friends Travis (James Freedson-Jackson) and Harrison (Hays Wellford) come across a seemingly abandoned police car and take it for a spin. When renegade Sheriff Kretzer (Kevin Bacon) returns to find his vehicle missing he sets out to track the joyriding duo down, jovially at first but with increasing menace as they continue to defy him. In a dusty world of silence and untravelled roads, the indie thriller plays out like a No Country For Old Men for kids but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Verdict: 3/5


Preview: The Grand Seduction


Tickle Cove needs a doctor to secure investment from a petrochemical firm and save the Newfoundland fishing port from financial ruin. When big city doctor Paul Lewis (Taylor Kitsch) arrives in the village, acting mayor Murray French (Brendan Gleeson) must pull out all the stops as he attempts to seduce him into staying.

Bollywatch: Brothers


This action drama is based on mixed martial arts and tells the story of two estranged brothers who come together to fight for love and family in the ring. David Fernandes (Akshay Kumar) leaves his job to become a full-time fighter with the hope of saving his sick daughter, while Monty Fernandes (Sidharth Malhotra) creates a viral storm with one video and is eager to prove himself in front of millions.

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