Y-Fi: The Power to Share

02 Jul 2015
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What good is all that technology if you can’t share it with those around you? Heloise Vyas looks at the gadgets that allow you to spread the love


Eye Spy

If you’re an incessant snapper, Eyefi’s newest launch, the Mobi Pro SD Card will be of interest, as it’s designed to make photo sharing more convenient for both photographers and photo-lovers. The 32GB card can easily store 12 hours of video and around 16,000 photos, allowing endless sharing between photo apps, cloud services or personal computers without compromising on speed, convenience or quality. Photo files can now be transferred in any format at rapid speeds for instant preview, quick editing, syncing and sharing. The nifty Mobi Pro is also able to create its own Wi-Fi hotspot for easy transfer while away from home. Available at eyefi.com from RO38.5.

Frame the Moment


How better to breathe life into your pictures than with a Bigeframe 27-inch USB Digital Frame with internal speakers? The image stream comes via the USB input or SD card, and the 1080p resolution frame screens all media including photos and videos in an effortless manner. No manual control is required to flick between pictures, since the HD frame has an auto-looping slideshow feature. The lightweight frame also has a 40-inch power cord and a year-long warranty. What more do you need? Available at bigeframe.com/store from RO230.

Ditch the Wires


Batteries, plug points and portable chargers could soon be made to look old-fashioned with the arrival of the Ultra-Slim QI-Enabled Wireless Charging Pad, brought to you by EC technology. The pad allows several devices to be charged at the same time, no matter where you are, with no cables or USB interface required. At the size of a coaster, it’s as sleek as the name suggests, with a simple yet fashionable design and is incredibly energy efficient, never overcharging devices or wasting battery. Available at amazon.com from RO6.16.

Easy to Find


Now it’s easy to locate your kids wherever they are thanks to the FiLIP 2 Smart Locator with Voice. This unique phone-watch hybrid works like a secure parent who watches over their children, with storage for up to five pre-programmed contacts and one-way text messaging. The FiLIP can make and receive calls from the pre-set contacts and receive texts from a parent. Serving multiple purposes, FiliP can indicate date and time as a watch, and on the other hand track the child’s location using GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi. The wearable locator immediately alerts a parent when the child leaves a designated safe zone, ensuring awareness and peace of mind at all times. Available at myfilip.com from RO57.

Save the Planet


When it comes to the crusade on conserving energy and reducing our carbon footprints, the Ankuoo Neo Pro Wi-Fi Smart Switch is leading the charge. Aimed at controlling electronics and monitoring energy usage from home appliances, the Neo Pro lets all members of the family know about the energy consumption of various electronic devices and gives them the ability to turn them on and off from anywhere at any time, thanks to the accompanying app. An essential investment for an energy-efficient life, available at amazon.com from RO14.

NEW: iLuv Aud 5 Speaker Dock


The iLuv Aud 5 Speaker Dock is specifically designed for regular iPhone and iPod users who love their music. Weighing in at a little more than 2kg and with high-quality speakers that deliver a deep resonant sound, there really are few better ways to share your tunes with those around you. The Aud 5 can be used as a docking station and you can play your music as well as charge your device at the same time. If your main focus is sound, the Aud 5 is sure to please. Available at amazon.com from RO30.

EDITOR’S PICK: Major Laser


The Magic Cube Laser Virtual Projection Keyboard projects a fixed keyboard pattern through laser beams onto any opaque, flat surface, making typing all but effortless. It can be paired with almost any Bluetooth-enabled device, meaning that this compact, portable gadget, which also consists of a built in multi-touch mouse, can be instantly used for typing anywhere and any time. Grab yours and get typing from amazon.com. Prices start at RO34.6.

App of the Week: Sira


Alpha apps from Abu Dhabi recently launched the Sira app, which aims to share the story of the Prophet Muhammad among children. Sira walks children through the life of the Prophet Muhammad, focusing on his ethics and teachings. The app uses high-quality illustrations, as well as interactive features and was launched in the Holy Month of Ramadan to give parents a better opportunity to share this story with their children. Sira is available in both English and Arabic and can be downloaded from the App Store.

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