YFi: Chilling Out

04 Jun 2015
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Too much technology can take it’s toll on even the best of us. But fortunately, there’s quite a few devices out there that can help you wind down and find some rest and relaxation, says Matthew Herbst



Invest in your wellbeing by using Spire to measure your breathing patterns throughout the day, which will then notify you when you’re tense and stressed. Spire will help you to calm down and encourage you to discover how to focus. Spire is also useful in helping to reduce fatigue and headaches, and increases productivity for an inspiring day. www.spire.io from RO57.74



With so much tension caused by our day-to-day lives, it is important to learn stress reduction and emotional management skills. The emWave reduces stress by monitoring your body and telling you what to do to get your mind, body and emotions back to normal. The emWave Pro technology guides you on how to achieve higher energy levels, less stress and better health. Its software and hardware program collects your pulse data through a finger sensor that plugs into your computer and translates the information from your heart rhythms into graphics on your computer to keep track of your improvements. It is available at amazon.com for RO75.81.



Muse is the mental equivalent of a treadmill that helps you to exercise your brain with focused training. It is similar to building your body’s strength and endurance with repetitive physical exercises, such as being at the gym or going for a jog.  Over time, Muse works to improve specific mental skills, including focus, by helping you to train your brain to resist those annoying distractions that we face every day. At www.amazon.co.uk from RO140



The Dreampad Pillow plays ambient music and vibrates to help you relax and fall into a deep sleep. It’s a thin rectangular-shaped pad that slips inside your pillowcase and sits on top of your existing pillow, allowing the soothing ambience to induce that all-important sleep and relaxation. At store.integratedlistening.com from RO68.90



If you are looking to drown out the white noise of a busy office or chaotic home, then check out the SOUND+SLEEP system by ASTI. As the name suggests, this device can be used as a sleep aid, which might not be a good thing at work, so opt for its soundscapes that can be used to find a relaxing, stress-relieving balance.  www.amazon.com from RO 38.47

Editor’s Pick: JUST RELAX

yfi-chilling-out-massage-mat1 yfi-chilling-out-massage-mat2 yfi-chilling-out-massage-mat3

The Body Massage Mat is one way to ease stress levels without the costly expense of a physiotherapist. Just lay it across the floor, on your bed or couch and let your personal and cost-effective physiotherapy begin. The Body Massage Mat makes your stressful day vanish in an instant. Alternatively, there’s An Any Surface Full Body Massage Pad available, while people with circulation problems may find the Leg Wraps a better investment. available At www.hammacher.com from RO 50.02.

New: The PIP Biosensor


Stress can be a very personal thing and everybody reacts and manages it in different ways. PIP measures stress levels in real time and through its own app, enables you to monitor and ease your everyday stress over time. PIP is a biosensor that works with your iOS and Android smartphone or tablet. It is light and portable, which means you can use it anywhere. PIP’s apps combine an engaging platform for exercises and immediate data for self-assessment and progressive learning over time. At thepip.com from RO68.90

App of the week: CALM DOWN


Calm offers a sweet and serene musical background with calming natural imagery. The web browser or app versions of Calm offer a high-definition video loop of rain falling on leaves, waves rippling along a beach, or particles of light falling from the sky. The free app also includes a seven-step process that assists in meditation with short audio files containing guided meditations. Free for Android and iOS users


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