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11 Jun 2015
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Summer in Oman can be long and daunting. Matthew Herbst checks out how you can keep cool during the hot months to make every day a little more bearable

Chill wind


The first thing that usually comes to mind when you’re overheated is how you can cool down no matter where you are. The ARCTIC Breeze USB-Powered Portable Fan is mobile, cheap, convenient and comfortable – a perfect summer companion at work while sitting at the computer. At www.amazon.com from RO3.08

Too cool


The wearable Cool on the Go Versatile Hands-Free Personal Cooling Device is one way to keep yourself cool while you are literally on the go. Hang the device around your neck and it should provide you with a continuous stream of refreshing air no matter where you are. Cool on the Go can run on batteries or a USB, which is included. At www.amazon.com from RO11.55

Sleep well


You’ve managed to stay cool in the office all day, but coming home to a hot house is another challenge during the summer months. The ChiliPad, a cooling mattress pad, could be one of the best investments you’ve made in a long time – more so as it keeps you cool as you sleep. The double bed pads have split temperature controls, allowing couples individual chill control on their own side of the bed. Available at www.chilitechnology.com from RO 172.84 onwards, depending on the size of your bed.

Editor’s Pick: Ice chic


Here’s a wearable cooling alternative that looks a lot like a bulletproof vest. The Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest is ideal for road workers, farmers and others who work outdoors in summer. It’s also a good idea for tourists who happen to be in a very hot country on holiday and don’t want to miss the sights. All you have to do is soak the cooling vest in water for two to five minutes to activate it and it will keep you cool for up to four hours. At www.amazon.com from RO13.09

Biggest fan


The Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan will bring a little magic into your sweltering summer. Not only does it look good with its modern design, but its technology is certainly able to keep you cool. The base unit has an air turbine driven by a 40W motor, which takes air from the holes at the bottom and drives it up into a hollow ring. The air is then accelerated and forced out of a gap along the perimeter. A cool idea. At www.dyson.com from RO110.50

Cold box


The Koolatron P9 Traveler III 9.8-Quart Electric Cooler is aimed at those who plan to travel often throughout the summer. Not only does the Koolatron P9 Traveler III 9.8-Quart Electric Cooler keep your drinks cold, but it also warms up food. Which is important when keeping your family safe from food poisoning on long road trips. At www.amazon.com from RO30.80

New: CoolWare Personal Cooling System


Not only does it look cool, this gadget works wonders in helping you to keep your cool. The CoolWare Personal Cooling System is capable of refreshing you around the neck area and because it’s battery powered, it goes where you go.  Great for gardening, hiking, biking, walking, or any other outdoor activities over the summer. At www.thermacell.com from RO11.55

App of the week: Cool down


If you are worried about your Android phone overheating during the summer, then Cooler Master – Cooling Android is the app for you. The app detects, monitors, controls and closes heavy app consumption to reduce CPU usage. This will then cool down your phone (sorry iOS, it is only available for Android at the moment). Free for Android users at Google Play

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