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25 Jun 2015
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There are plenty of on-the-go gadgets to make life easier, so why not make sure you’re home has the latest tech too? Here’s a selection to make your space future proof, says Heloise Vyas

Head First 


Who doesn’t enjoy some music to begin the day with? These hi-res stereo Sony MDR-Z7 headphones are designed especially for audiophiles and can be conveniently plugged into an amp in your living room, with top-class sound quality. Ergonomically designed, they also have a heavy-duty cable, which screws into each side with 70mm drivers. Consisting of a sound range of four to 10,000 Hz, these comfortable, yet easy-to-use headphones are perfect for those looking for an enhanced musical experience. The headphones can also be plugged into smartphones, making them easy to use at any time. Available at sony.com for RO269.

Speak Easy 


This portable and compact speaker creates a whole new way to listen that turns your imagination into reality. It’s available in different sizes, but this LG Music Flow H4 is as small as a brick and can be paired with another speaker for stereo sound, connected to LG’s multi-room system or play music wirelessly through Bluetooth or the aux cable. It only uses 20 watts of power, but can last approximately five hours on a single charge. It also has additional features such as auto music play and HD sound playback. Perfect for placing in a living room or being carried around. Available at lg.com for RO77.

All Clear 


For those who think televisions are intrusive, this could well be the answer. Looking straight out of the future, this transparent flat-screen television is an amalgamation of conventional LCD display technology. Designed by Michael Friebe, the solid moving pictures created on screen are vivacious and equivalent to those displayed on a regular flat screen TV. It renders the beautifully glassy finish view surface effectively clear or “invisible” when not in use and fully coloured when activated. Stylish, sleek and innovative, this transparent TV is definitely something you would want to add to your future living room. The catch? It has yet to go into production. Get ready to order one when it does.

Pure Pop


Confused between radio and Bluetooth speakers? This new Pure Pop Midi device gives you the best of both worlds. It looks good and sounds great, making it a fantastic addition to your kitchen worktop and living room side tables. You can choose to either stream your own favourites from your phone or any other device, using the in-built Bluetooth facility, or tune in to both FM and Digital radio. It can be charged by various means such as standard AA/rechargeable batteries or direct mains power. The Pop Midi also features a highly visible clock, two alarms and a kitchen timer. Great for portable listening and features an easy switchover between DAB digital, FM radio and Bluetooth. Purchase at pure.com for RO42.80.

Sounds Good


If you’re in need of some home cinema thrills without having dozens of black boxes around the telly or your living room, the Samsung HT-E8200 might be just what you’re after. It features everything you need for a sweet set-up, including a 3D Blu-ray drive, HDMI switching, Smart TV functions and a wireless subwoofer. Best of all, it’s super convenient – just plug it in and you’re good to go. As you would expect with a Samsung, the picture and sound quality are first rate, with four great “3D” audio modes. Bluetooth connectivity means it can also stream from your mobile device. Simple, stylish and smart, the HT-E8200 is a true all-in-one for your home. Available at samsung.com/ae from RO397.

NEW: Linksys Max-Stream AC2600


The Max-Stream AC2600 router is the newest networking device from Linksys and is the ultimate solution for all multi-device households. Its newly introduced MU-MIMO technology increases Wi-Fi speeds by three times and allows simultaneous video streaming, gaming, internet surfing, listening to music and more without any lag or buffering. The router delivers plenty of bandwidth to all connected devices and ensures that everyone receives a fast, uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection, even if several members are connected at the same time. It can also provide a speed boost of 5GHz band and also offers a USB 3.0 connection for fast network storage. It may look like an upturned table, but it’s actually a very useful device for all households in this techno-centric society and may be conveniently placed in your home living room. Available at linksys.com from RO115.



Meet the Acoustable, a unique blend of sound and  surface that combines the functionality of a table with the beats of a quality sound system and a power terminal. It can better be termed as a Gigantic speaker with good acoustics and a stylish worktable to boot. Measuring 50cm high with a base shell and a top surface with a foam core, this sound furniture would definitely enhance the mien of your living room, making it look classy but also amplifying the musical mood of the room. Check it out at acoustable.com. Price on request.

App of the Week: Changing Rooms


You’ve decided to redecorate the living room and find the perfect colour in a magazine only to lose the page later. You need Color Capture, which allows you to store your favourite colour, set favourites and add notes to your chosen one. You can also get information on paints and colours. No more carrying around paint samples. Free on iOS and Android.

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