Eat Right During Ramadan

25 Jun 2015
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Get yourself on track during Ramadan with our breakfast meal planner

It’s very important to choose food wisely during Ramadan, as generally, after a period of long fasting you are tempted to eat foods that are high in calories, such as sweets and fried items.

Moreover, after such a long period of fasting, your body stands a chance of getting dehydrated. Therefore, you should ensure you have enough fluid to rehydrate – and, of course, the best choice is water.

To be set for the day’s fasting, it’s also vital to eat the right kind of food for Suhoor and Iftar to ensure your body maintains energy levels, according to Dr Anita Das Gupta, the chief dietitian at Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi.

To help you, Dr Das Gupta has devised the following meal plan with suggestions for Suhoor.

Suhoor Menu 1

1 cup of low fat milk: 120 kcals

3 slices of wheat toast with 2 slices of turkey (30g): 260 kcals

1 Scrambled egg with 30g cheese: 123 kcals

5 medium green olives: 25 kcals

1 cup sliced melon: 68 kcals

5 almonds: 35 kcals

Total: 631 kcals

Suhoor Menu 2

2 cups oatmeal cooked with low fat milk, dried fruits and nuts: 362 kcals

1 boiled egg and cucumber slices: 80 kcals

1 slice whole grain toast: 80 kcals

1 cup cantaloupe: 68 kcals

1 cup low fat milk: 120 kcals

Total: 710 kcals


Suhoor Menu 3

1 scrambled egg with mixed vegetables: 90 kcals

3 slices whole grain toast: 240 kcals

2 tbsp low fat labneh: 84 kcals

1 tbsp honey: 61 kcals

1 cup low fat milk: 120 kcals

1 medium plate of fruit salad: 80 kcals

Total: 675 kcals


Suhoor Menu 4

1 cup cereal  with dried fruits and nuts: 295 kcals

1 cup low fat milk: 120 kcals

1 medium banana: 108 kcals

1 whole grain toast with 1 tsp honey and 1 tbsp low fat cheese spread: 137 kcals

Total: 660 kcals


Suhoor Menu 5

3 whole wheat bread with 2 tsp low fat cheese spread: 324 kcals

1 egg omlette with mixed vegetables: 95 kcals

1 mandarin: 60 kcals

7 halves walnuts: 95 kcals

1 cup low fat milk: 120 kcals

Total: 694 kcals

Suhoor Menu 6

3 whole grain toast with 2 tbsp labneh spread: 324 kcals

1 cup low fat milk: 120 kcals

14 halves walnut: 190 kcals

1 apple: 78 kcals

Total: 712 kcals

Next week, in part two, we’ll have some Iftar ideas. 

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