Bathtime Bliss

25 Jun 2015
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It’s the place where most of us can get some peace and take time out from busy lives. So make sure your bathroom is perfect for pampering

Time spent in the bathroom can be precious, as it may be your only solo time during the week. It can be a calming sanctuary, somewhere to get some “me time”,
as well as a place for a spot of beautifying.

When prioritising home upgrades, consider first transforming a ho-hum, conventional bathroom into an oasis of comfort, style and ultimate relaxation.


Replace outdated fixtures with new top-quality options that offer greater functionality. Manufacturers such as Mansfield Plumbing, produce fixtures and fittings designed to work in tandem. Such “suites” of a toilet, sink and bathtub can improve the look of a bathroom setting.

In a toilet, there are certain features to seek. A Smart Height toilet allows for easier access. For those who are environmentally conscious or looking for a wallet-friendly option, seek out a WaterSense-rated toilet, signifying greater water conservation.

When it comes to relaxation, the bathtub is king. Luckily, manufacturers are innovating features to go beyond whirlpools. New bathtub offerings include chromatherapy mood light systems, thermotherapy heated backrests and in-line heaters that keep water heated perfectly. Get some inspiration at



Make your bathroom the perfect retreat from the rest of the house and the outside world with a few stylish accents that provide greater solitude. For example, privacy decorative glass windows and privacy acrylic block windows offered from Hy-Lite are design elements that don’t compromise natural light. Available in four designer frame colours, you can go beyond plain frosted glass with stylish windows that come either operable or fixed in place. Offered in varying shapes and sizes, it’s easy to match windows to other bathroom elements, such as tiles and countertops. Full details and design ideas are available at

Take your spa retreat a step further by piping music into your bathroom with humidity-resistant speakers unsusceptible to steamy showers and hot baths.



On a limited budget you can give the bathroom an elegant long-term facelift by investing in millwork products that resist humidity so you don’t experience warping. From crown moulding to trim around showers and bathtubs to ceiling medallions, polyurethane is a more practical material than traditional wood for these design elements. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and most importantly, designed to resist the humidity of bathing.

To get the look of a luxury hotel, the experts at Fypon, who produce thousands of pieces of polyurethane millwork, moulding and trim in a variety of architectural styles, recommend a few project ideas:

• Install a set of pilasters on both sides of your shower stall and a door crosshead overhead to upgrade your bathroom’s look.

• Surround mirrors and decorative accent windows with painted or stained polyurethane mouldings that complement the room.

• Install chair rail moulding around the bathroom to add dimension. Paint above or below the moulding and use wallpaper, paneling or a different color paint in the other section.

Find more project ideas at

While many think of the bathroom as a place to take care of necessary business, you can easily give yours an upgrade that will transform it into a whole lot more.

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