Al Wisal Expansion Plans on Track

18 Jun 2015
POSTED BY Y Magazine

SABCO Media, the owner and publisher of Y Magazine, is forging ahead with its nationwide expansion of Arabic radio station Al Wisal, which will cover entire governorates rather than individual cities and towns.

Al Wisal’s network expansion is an important initiative for listeners, who rely on the station for breaking news, exclusive interviews, as well as its ability to tackle current affairs and social issues that affect all communities across Oman.

Al Wisal already reaches 71 per cent of the total population of Oman, or 2.8 million people.

This coverage includes 492,000 people from the North and South Sharqiyah region, as well as all of Muscat at 1.2 million, all of Dhofar at 377,000 and most of Battinah at 800,000.

“The governorate of Dakhiliyah is a strategic location as we also consider it one of the richest regions in terms of heritage and importance,” said SABCO Media chief executive Eihab Abutaha.

“However, rather than just covering one town in Dakhiliyyah such as Nizwa, which is the current Capital of Islamic Culture, we are looking at infrastructure development that will enable us to cover the whole of the Dakhiliyah region to include Nizwa, Sumail, Bahla, Al Hamra, Manah, Adam, Izki and Bidbid – and the whole area will be under one frequency.”

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