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07 May 2015
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We all dream of becoming a millionaire, but unfortunately for many it’s a wish that will never come true. Matthew Herbst daydreams over the gadgets that come with a hefty price tag

Shine Like a Diamond


Priced at RO18,662,799.37, you probably need to make the FALCON SuperNova IPhone 6 Pink Diamond a lifetime investment, and make sure you don’t lose it. The phone is encrusted with a pink diamond and comes in three models; platinum, 24-carat gold and rose gold. If you can’t spare the expense, try the orange diamond version for RO16,353,999.45 or the blue diamond version for RO12,505,999.58. Available at falconluxury.com

Supreme Air


MacBooks are beautifully designed in general, but nothing can compare to the Apple MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition. Weighing around seven kilograms and cast from solid platinum, it looks elegant and is a work of art in itself. It also comes at a hefty price of RO186,411.44 from stuarthughes.com

The Big Picture


If you’re into your films and television series, then there is probably no better buy than the 85-inch Samsung S9 4K Ultra HDTV. With a minimal frame crafted from precious metals, the S9 boasts four times the resolution of normal TVs, using precision-black backlight technology to take your entertainment to a whole new level. It even has a built-in camera hidden in the top of the frame that is perfect for calling applications. But to get all this, you’ll need to splash some serious cash. Available at samsung.com from RO15,392.00.

Golden Sound


Despite resembling a mishapen jelly bean, these 18-carat gold Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure Loudspeakers are actually some of the most expensive speakers in the world, with a price tag of RO1,808,559.94. Not only that, there’s only one set available worldwide, so if you miss the boat on this one you’ll have to settle for one of five pairs of the silver speakers for RO121,212.00 or one of 99 phosphor bronze versions at RO24,242.40. Even though they blare out clear enough sound, it’s safe to say that you’re probably only investing in them to maintain an image, as there are certainly better sounding speakers available at far more reasonable prices. From hartaudio.com 

Play the Price


If you’re in the mood to splurge, then you might as well add the Nintendo Wii SUPREME to your shopping list. As one of only three in existence, not only is it the most expensive Wii ever, it also takes six months to make, weighs 2.5kg and is made of 22-carat gold, while the front buttons are 78 0.25ct diamonds. Now that’s luxury game playing. Available for RO174,760.54 at stuarthughes.com. You can snap up a similarly shimmering PlayStation for RO193,113.62.

NEW: Harry Winston Opus 12


Time for a new watch? Enter an exclusive club by opting for a Harry Winston Opus 12 watch. With only 120 pieces manufactured worldwide and sophisticated tech used inside this timepiece, you’ll have to sacrifice a hefty RO100,048.00 to own this watch. It’s built around 12 pairs of hands that point towards the centre and rotate in place to turn blue when telling the time or silver when inactive. A retrograde hand near the centre shows precise minutes, while a tiny hand in the dead centre shows seconds. It’s a lot to remember and a unique way to tell the time. As an added bonus, the watch also comes with a polished 18-carat white gold case, a buckle and a black alligator leather strap. Available from harrywinston.com

EDITOR’S PICK: Yellow Submarine


Yachts are the traditional Sea toys of the rich and famous, but if you had a spare million lying around wouldn’t you be tempted by the prospect of owning your own submarine? For just RO769,599, you can get your hands on a hammacher Schlemmer Personal Submarine, a two-man sub that can descend to a depth of around 300 metres, giving access to coral reefs, shipwrecks and the sea floor. Intrepid explorers are cocooned in a completely transparent, climate-controlled thick acrylic pressure sphere to keep them safe. powered by a 120 and 24-volt battery bank, the sub can reach a speed of up to three knots and is good for six hours of continuous underwater exploring, with A VHF radio and telephone providing communication with the surface while submerged. It comes fully equipped with standard instrumentation, including a barometer, thermometer, hygrometer, depth gauges, magnetic compasses and pressure gauges, as well as a GPS receiver. Available at hammacher.com

APP OF THE WEEK: Super Trader


If you’re not in the habit of paying for your apps then look away now. Alpha-Trader is a global trading app for investment pros, available for an eye watering RO384.41. It gives you real-time stock prices, alerts, portfolio risk indications, asset correlation, and asset category charts. Probably worth it if you’re looking to make a cool million on stocks. Available for iOS and Android.

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