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28 May 2015
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If you have cash to splash and feel like a change of colour in your gadget collection, then lavish yourself in gold, says Matthew Herbst

Golden Apple



Tired of staring at silver? Then head on over to Apple.com where new colour options are being introduced to the MacBook range, If you prefer the real deal, check out goldstriker.co.uk for a fully embelleshed 24-carat option with all the usual specs and features. The laptop has been perfectly polished to give it a mirror-like appearance and you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of RO2,976.33 for the privilege.

The Golden Touch


If you’re looking for a mobile with a bit more pizazz, then this Apple iPhone 6 that comes fully embellished in 24-carat gold is for you. Not only does it look superb, with a hefty 128GB of memory and the ability to be used on any network worldwide, it’s also incredibly functional.Available at goldstriker.co.uk from RO1,188.74

Gold Player


If you’re a serious game player and have a cool RO5,385.80 in your pocket, then you are eligible to buy a Gold PlayStation 4 from gattiluxurylab.com. This unique games console is made with 226g of nine-carat gold and comes straight out of a workshop in the Italian city of San Benedetto del Tronto, where it is lovingly crafted by the Gatti brothers, all of whom are skilled goldsmiths. If Playstation isn’t your console of choice, then you’ll be pleased to know they also make a gold Xbox One.

Golden Nugget


If you’re a fan of gold computer accessories and high-end German cars, then you’re in luck. Designed in the studio of Porsche Weissach, Germany, this gold-plated mouse comes in the same shape as the iconic Porsche 911. It is Mac and PC compatible and comes with a small dongle in case you want to go wireless. Available at porsche.com from RO38.08.

Golden Eye


Brikk is known for creating golden versions of popular electronics, including phones and tablets, and has recently released a luxe camera in conjunction with Nikon called the Brikk Nikon Df. The Df wouldn’t look out of place on an oversized Monopoly board, but it also functions as a perfectly normal camera. Despite its body and Nikkor 14-24 f/2.8 lens being coated with pure 24-carat yellow gold, all the camera’s specs remain unchanged. If you want to shoot in style, be prepared to shell out RO16,157.40 at brikk.com

NEW: Gold Apple Watch


It’s no secret that the price of an Apple Watch Edition with an 18-carat rose gold case starts at RO3,847.00 and prices range to RO6,539.90 for yellow gold models complete with a gold-plated band. However, if you can’t quite afford these prices but still want to look the part, you should probably consider cashing in on the latest trend and take your Apple Watch to a jeweller. Shops around the world have now started offering their own take on the gold Apple Watch and as long as you can provide the timepiece, some jewellers are offering to transform it from bland to bling by dipping the device in gold for as little as RO115.41.

EDITOR’S PICK: Sound of Gold 


Bang & Olufsen is already a brand synonymous with superior sound quality around the world, but now you have the chance to take luxury to the next level with the Beosound 24ct Gold and Diamond Edition. The body of the speakers contain 32kg of solid gold, while The outer screen guard area has a handmade solid gold veneer which houses 70 brilliant 0.75- carat Flawless diamonds surrounded by aventurine and Topaz gemstones. The speakers take seven months to produce so get your order in now at stuarthughes.com; they’ll only set you back RO715,661.

APP OF THE WEEK: Go for Gold 


If you are a keen gold investor and need to know how your precious metal is doing on the market then download Kitco’s Gold Live! app to stay in the know. The app offers comprehensive coverage and full control as it provides live  prices and other critical market information regarding gold, silver and similar precious metals. Get notifications by email or in-app on as many devices as you want. Available for free on iOS and Android.

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