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07 May 2015
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Curly locks are so yesterday. Smooth hair is the way to go these days, so learn to love your straight tresses

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with natural poker straight hair, congratulations, you’re bang on trend.

Hair fashion is fickle, but you can’t go wrong with straight tresses right now, with catwalk models strutting their stuff with a shiny curtain of hair down their backs.


So stop pining for curls, put away your tongs and start embracing your even mane of enviably glossy hair.

There are many reasons to fall in love with straight hair. For a start, it is very on trend, versatile and simple. And the clean appearance of straight hair frames the face beautifully, says hair guru and Sunsilk co-creator Yuko Yamashita.

Products like Sunsilk Perfect Straight Range make it easy for girls with super-straight hair to be ready almost instantly to take on the day ahead without a hair out of place.

So before you cast envious looks over your friend’s unruly, curly mop, think about these six reasons why straight hair rocks:

1) Easy to maintain: Straight hair makes it easy to brush and go! Other hair types take more work, but straight haired girls are blessed with the ability to roll out of bed and take on the world with minimal hair-styling effort required.

2) Hot enough: Less heat is needed to style straight hair because you’re not trying to tame wild waves and curls –this means your hair will be less damaged as a result.

3) Variety’s the spice of life: Not only does straight hair offer more flexibility with styles that you can achieve, such as beautiful braids and gorgeous up-dos, it also offers more flexibility in haircuts – a short, chic haircut is much more likely to suit straight hair.

4) A timeless look: Straight hair never truly goes out of style, meaning that your easy to maintain locks will always be in vogue.

5) Shine all day everyday: The hair cuticles lie much flatter with straight hairstyles than they do with curly hair, meaning that your tresses are more likely to look shiny and glossy.

6) Effortless beauty: If you are looking to lift your hair with all over highlights, straight hair is the perfect fit – the highlights will blend together and look natural, with less obvious dark roots than other hair types.


* The Sunsilk Perfect Straight Range includes shampoo, conditioner and leave on cream and is available at all major supermarkets.

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