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16 Apr 2015
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Technology permeates our lives from an early age and there is something for all members of the household, no matter their age. Matthew Herbst brings you a guide to the best family-orientated gadgets 

Head of Security


To assist dad in keeping a secure eye on the family why not gift him this Doorbot Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Doorbell. It allows him to see and talk to visitors from his smartphone or tablet, no matter where he is. It also features handy night vision abilities with adjustable camera angles. Very smart indeed. Available at amazon.com from RO69.30.

Kid Tracks


The hereO GPS Watch is cute, but it also serves as a GPS tracker for kids aged three and up. The gadget syncs with a location app that the whole family can use to share whereabouts, meaning you can keep track of your little ones wherever they are. It also comes with other security-focused features, like a panic mode that immediately sends an alert to parents. Order yours now for RO69 at hereofamily.com

Smart Shooter


Help mum build great memories and take better photos and video at the same time with the Canon PowerShot N. It’s a pocketable, attractive, and fun option for snapping photos and movies, which she can then share on the go thanks to an impressive Wi-Fi feature. Available at canon-me.com from RO115.13.

Uni Fun 


If the young adult in the family has just started university then this Brookstone HDMI pocket projector is a useful tool for those who live in dorm rooms or small apartments. The projector will allow them to watch their movies – or lecture recordings – on a wall. Grab this handy bit of kit at amazon.com from RO115.13.

Über Cute


Ubooly puts a fresh spin on plush toys by making your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad or integral part of your child’s play. Zip your smart device into the cuddly body, activate the Ubooly app and the interactive fun begins. The toy listens and responds to a person’s voice and falls asleep when ignored. Part of Ubooly’s ongoing charm is that it can constantly be updated with new stories, jokes, games and songs to keep kids engaged. Parents can now rest easy in the knowledge that their smart device is safe from harm in furry casing, while kids get to play with their parents’ gadgets to their heart’s content. Available at ubooly.com from RO11.54.

NEW: Bellabeat Shell


The Bellabeat Shell is two things in one. When Mum is pregnant, the sound gadget detects the baby’s heartbeat, kicks, and movements and you can even use it to play music to baby in the womb. After birth, it acts as a monitor that recognises seven different types of crying. An additional bonus is that it can track the air humidity and temperature in the nursery. Preorder for RO45.81 at bellabeat.com



All teens are music mad; it’s part of growing up and allows for individuality in social scenes. Give your teen the stamp of cool approval amongst their friends  with the Nixon Mini Blaster Speaker. It’s tiny yet incredibly loud and can slip inside the smallest of school bags. Great for boys or girls and it also comes in a range of funky colours.  Check out the options at shopbop.com, prices start from RO38.50.



ChoreMonster is an ideal reward app for families with kids who are less than enthusiastic when it comes to chore duty. Getting kids to help around the house can sometimes be a costly affair with bribes, but ChoreMonster changes all that by offering gaming or TV time in return for domestic help. When your little monster completes his or her chores they’ll earn virtual points, which they can then cash in for instant gratification. Free and available for both iOS and Android. 

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