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09 Apr 2015
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Paper Planes

Living in small town rural Australia, Dylan (Ed Oxenbould) is a young boy with a passion for flight. After a school demonstration, he becomes fascinated with the sport of competitive paper plane throwing and sets his heart on travelling to Sydney to compete in a regional qualifier for the World Paper Plane Championships, which take place in Tokyo. Sam Worthington plays Dylan’s mourning father, who remains detached from his paternal duties after losing his wife in a car accident five months ago, until his son’s newfound talents bring him out of his shell.

Worthington has the moping father role down to a T and it’s refreshing to see him perform in his native accent as opposed to putting on a forced American one as he has in other films, while Terry Norris provides great comic relief in the advice-spewing, rule-breaking World War Two fighter pilot that is Dylan’s grandfather.

From small town country life right the way to the neon glare of Tokyo, this heartwarming family story comes as a breath of fresh air and a remedy to the animated, merchandise-spawning fare that is usually aimed at children.

Verdict: 4/5



Kent McCoy (Andy Powers) is a man who undergoes a frightening transformation after donning a clown costume to entertain the kids at his son’s birthday party. Unbeknown to the loving father, the suit is cursed and turns its wearer into a vicious killer. It’s an interesting premise, but mixing the plot with demons and satanic lore is perhaps a step too far. Clown has your standard jumpy moments, along with a few graphic shocks, but on the whole it’s all a bit too slow.

Verdict: 2/5

Top Five


Chris Rock takes to the director’s chair for the third time, handling proceedings both behind and in front of the camera as he plays Andre Allen, a brilliant stand-up comedian turned actor who is exhibiting all the signs of a mid-life crisis as his wedding to a shallow reality star spirals out of control. Turning 50 earlier this year seems to have changed Rock. The result: a truthful and often hilarious insight into Hollywood lives that showcases the comic’s talent far better than any Madagascar film ever could.

Verdict: 4/5

Preview: The Woman in Gold


After being forced to seek refuge in the US during World War Two, Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) lives a peaceful life before she decides to take on the Austrian Government with the help of a young lawyer (Ryan Reynolds) in the hope of reclaiming what she believes is hers, namely: a portrait of her aunt that is considered the “Mona Lisa of Austria”, painted by renowned artist, Gustav Klimt.

Bollywatch: Ek Paheli Leela


Actress Sunny Leone looks set to break into mainstream Bollywood cinema starring opposite popular television actor Jay Bhanushali in a dual role, playing both a glamorous UK-based model and a sensuous Rajasthani princess. Plot details are still largely shrouded in mystery, but it’s thought the story could revolve around reincarnation.

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