Five Reasons to Love Milk

16 Apr 2015
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Add regular servings of milk to your daily routine and you’ll soon reap the physical benefits

Did you know milk is one of the most nutrient-rich beverages you can find? And that there are thousands of studies that have documented the benefits of drinking milk? That’s why nutrition experts recommend adults drink three servings of milk and milk products a day. Yet, many of us fall short of these daily doses. So, before you think about skipping your milk, here are five reasons to grab a glass.

1. It’s a Nutrient Powerhouse

No matter your age, it’s hard to get the nutrients you need without milk in your diet. Milk is the top food source for three out of four nutrients we most commonly lack, including calcium, vitamin D and potassium. All milk – fat free, low-fat or organic – has nine essential nutrients, including B vitamins for energy, vitamin A for a healthy immune system plus several bone-building nutrients.

2. It Ups the Protein Ante in the Morning

While many experts now recommend 25-30 grams of protein at each meal, the average breakfast plate only contains 13 grams. One way to help close the gap is to add a 200ml glass of milk to your eggs or Greek yoghurt.

3. Protein Power for Your Rial

Milk offers one of the best protein bargains for your money, with a huge eight grams of protein in every 200ml glass. That’s a big protein bang for your buck.

4. It is Not Easily Replaced

It’s hard to get the nutrients you need without real dairy milk in your diet. The truth is, not all non-dairy milks have the same nutrients as real milk so it’s important to know what you are getting in each glass. For instance, dairy milk has eight times the protein of almond milk and rice milks, which can contain a long list of ingredients, including added sugar, salt and thickeners.

5. It’s Wholesome, Real and Local

Milk is one of the original farm-to-table foods. Little handling is done from farm to fridge and that’s why you can trust the milk you buy at the store is safe and wholesome. Oman has its own milk dairies.


Recipe: Nutty Blueberry Quinoa Oatmeal

This quinoa oatmeal recipe serves up 13 grams of protein. Pair with a 200ml glass of milk to get 21 grams of protein power to start your day. Visit for more recipes.

Servings: 1


  • 2/3 cup low-fat milk
  • 1/3 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup cooked quinoa
  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1 teaspoon maple syrup or sweetener of choice
  • 2 tbsp pecan pieces
  • 2-3 dashes cinnamon


  1. Combine milk and oats and cook according to package instructions to desired creaminess.
  2. Stir in quinoa, blueberries, maple syrup, pecans and cinnamon and serve hot.


376 calories; 17g fat; 3g saturated fat; 13mg cholesterol; 13g protein; 46g carbohydrates;  6g fibre; 255mg sodium; 23 per cent calcium. (Nutrition figures based on using low-fat milk).


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