50 Shades of Grey

05 Mar 2015
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It’s been dubbed “granny chic” and is all the rage among celebrities. Going grey has never been more in vogue, as silver locks are the new must-have style

Singer Rihanna has been seen sporting the colour and so has fellow star Pink. Models have also been sashaying down the catwalk with salt-and-pepper tresses, while members of the Kardashian clan have been showing off newly dyed hair.

We’re talking about going grey. Where once women were desperate to hide their greying manes, they are now letting it all hang out and embracing their silver strands. And if they haven’t started greying already, they are reaching for the dye. Salons and stylists are reporting a surge in requests from their clients for the grey look to make their own fashion statement.

When Rihanna, known for her cutting-edge image, chose to colour her hair extensions a silvery shade, she posted a pic to her 41 million Twitter followers with the caption: “New color ice grey ish, call it #Brr.” She later tweeted: “Grey is the new black! Blondies, it’s quiet for y’all!”

The message was clear: grey is cool.

Among others to try out a shade of grey have been singer and American TV host Kelly Osbourne, who, after colouring her hair grey at the age of 27, proclaimed: “I’ve always wanted to be young and have grey hair.”

Hollywood actress Demi Moore, famed for her glossy dark hair, supermodel Kate Moss and actress Elizabeth Hurley, are among others who have allowed their natural grey to show through.

Jasmin Allen, senior colour master at the UK-based Errol Douglas salon, says: “Grey, when styled correctly, really is the coolest new hue. I’ve seen an increase in interest among my younger clientele.

“There’s been a gradual creep towards complete grey, with celebrities experimenting with red carpet looks hinting grey via lilacs, blues and greens. I’ve particularly liked the high silver interpretation of grey, it reflects the light in a way that no other colour can.”

Tips for going grey

  • Go to salon for the look rather than a DIY at home
  • Match your make-up palette to your hair. Hot pinks and dark plums work well with grey. Smokey eyes are flattering to match the smokey grey tones
  • Going grey requires maintenance to avoid looking faded. The colour will need regular retouching at the salon
  • If possible, use sulphate-free shampoo to avoid the colour being stripped too quickly

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