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12 Feb 2015
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Travelling is one of life’s great joys and Matthew Herbst brings you the gadgets that help make the process a whole lot easier


Small world
If you invest in SIGMO, you can forget about the pesky language barrier while travelling. This handy companion is able to translate 25 languages in real time through voice recognition software. Just set your native tongue, choose the language you want to translate to and chat away. SIGMO also allows for two-way translation, meaning that replies are no problem should you find yourself in a conversation. Quick, easy and most importantly, accurate. Read more about this crowd funding success at buysigmo.com. Prices and availability will be revealed in March 2015.


Print on the go
It’s one thing to have your phone bursting with beautiful travel snaps, but what good are they on there? Prynt is the smartphone case that turns your mobile into a portable instant printer immediately, allowing you to showcase your wonderful pictures. It comes with a rechargeable internal battery to avoid draining the juice from your phone and doesn’t even require an internet connection or an ink cartridge. Pre-order yours now at pryntcases.com. Prices start at RO38.11, depending on the package.


Eye on the tiger
Jetting off on holiday is fun, but the thought of leaving your pet behind with a temporary caretaker can lead to sleepless nights. Petcube is a genius idea that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and transmits video, which enables you to keep an eye on them when you’re not around. What’s more, a two-way audio stream enables you to speak and play with your furry friends, via the device’s two-way audio stream and built-in laser pointer. After a successful crowd-funding campaign, Petcube will begin shipping this month. The accompanying free mobile app is already available for iOS an


Editor’s Pick: Business Class
Probably the lightest 14-inch model in its class, The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook is a slick and smart bit of kit that boasts practical functionality and is perfect for any business traveller. With an anti-glare, smudge-resistant touch screen and a durable carbon-fibre casing, it’s capable of withstanding copious amounts of airport scanners. Available for RO456.99 at lenovo.com


Just in case
Suitcase-trunkster Trunkster-2
The Trunkster is the ideal travel kit. It’s a solid aluminium suitcase that comes with an array of useful features including a power pack to charge devices, a digital scale to avoid embarrassing unpacking at the check-in counter, a hidden compartment for valuables and best of all, a built-in GPS in case it goes missing. On top of all of this, there’s a handy sliding door that gives you full access to your belongings without the need to unzip. Order yours today at kickstarter.com. Prices start at RO113.58.


Travel in good time
Moto-2 Moto
The perfect smart watch for Android users, Motorola’s Moto 360 has a snazzy swipe-motion interface that offers you everything from virtual boarding passes to directions, helping you look less like a lost tourist and more like the tour guide. To get your hands on this year’s most popular wearable so far, go to moto360.motorola.com. From RO116.81.


NEW: The 360 Degree Camera


If you’re a fan of serious technology, then you’re going to love this nifty invention created by French firm Giroptic. This waterproof pyramid-shaped Wi-Fi camera boasts multiple lenses that film a full 360 degrees, allowing you to capture every inch of your destination. When you’ve finished filming, you can relive your journey by uploading the video file into a virtual reality headset, or share the four corners of your travels with friends on your tablet and smartphone. Between trips, you can also utilise it as a CCTV unit and use the Wi-Fi capability to stream directly to any of your devices. Discover a piece of awesome kit at
360.tv prices from RO192.11.


App of the week: Fair is fair

App-of-the-week Panel-of-app
One of the many trials and tribulations of travelling is budgeting. Cost Split could be the answer – and stop many arguments before they start by keeping track of who spends what. Record costs under each person’s name as you go and when you come to the end of the trip, simply run a report in order to get a full breakdown of who needs to pay what. Free on iOS.

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