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19 Feb 2015
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Hold on to your hats sports fans. Matthew Herbst brings you the gear that’s going to help you get your head in the game

In the Game


Evaluating and analysing your performance has never been easier. Meet your new gaming partner: the Babolat Play, a tennis racket with built in sensors that record information about your game. Check up on everything from shot power, ball impact and number of strokes (forehand, backhand, serve, smash), to spin, endurance, technique, consistency, energy and rallies. When you’ve finished playing, the information is then transmitted via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone or from a USB to a computer. You can also share your recorded data on Babolatplay.com or on the Babolat Play App. From RO153.53 at tennis-warehouse.com 

Sock Sense


Sensoria smart socks are infused with comfortable pressure sensors that help you monitor your foot-landing technique by giving real-time updates as you run. Simply pair your Sensoria Fitness socks and anklet to your smartphone via the Sensoria Fitness mobile app and let it continuously monitor your running form. The anklet doesnt store any data, so it is important to carry your phone along with you so that both are able to provide feedback through audio and video cues during your run. Prices start at RO76.57. Take a look at store.sensoriafitness.com (note, there is a waiting list).

Smart Shooter


It looks just like a regular basketball – but don’t be fooled. The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball doesn’t just shoot into hoops, but also sends  smart, actionable and precise data and feedback to your smart device. All you need to complete the set are two more things. The 94Fifty Smart Net is a high-quality net that works with any rim and can be used indoors or outdoors. The special rugged material communicates with the 94Fifty ball to show when shots are made or missed. Lastly, to have your ball and net communicate the information to you, you will need the 94Fifty Basketball app. The App provides real-time audio and visual coaching feedback for both ball-handling and dribbling skills to improve your game and skills. You’ll be shooting like a pro in no time! From RO76.57 for both ball and net at shop.94fifty.com

High Jump


How high can you jump? Let VERT tell you just that. VERT is a device worn near the waist of an athlete and measures your jump before transmitting the data to a smartphone or tablet. You can see all your jump measurements immediately on the VERT device and simultaneously on a smartphone or tablet with the downloadable VERT app. Perfect for budding basketballers or netballers. Jump to it at myvert.com from RO48.10.

Digital Trainer


If you’re aiming to play like Messi, then the miCoach Smart Ball is for you. Learn jawdropping skills with step-by-step guidance and instant feedback via the app that communicates with the high-tech football. Push your talent to the max by putting yourself under pressure to gain confidence in match play scenarios by trying to match pro-level kicks or go head-to-head with a friend. Learn from every kick with immediate stats regarding speed, spin, trajectory and strike point. From RO76.96 at micoach.adidas.com



The Turbo Trainer is perfect for indoor cycling and connects to your computer, GPS, iOS or Android device using a wireless sensor. Not only are you able to Train for your next big race by adjusting resistance up to a 20 per cent incline, you can also  use the app during an outdoor training session on your bike to record speed, distance, altitude, route map AND calories burned. This data can then be saved to BKOOL.com and loaded on to a laptop in order  to simulate the ride indoors. WORTH the RO277.44 price tag.

NEW: Xon Snow-1


With the introduction of the XON Snow-1, which is due for release this year,  your snowboarding adventures are set to be the best they’ve ever been. The bindings that clip on to your snowboard use an array of sensors to provide you with all sorts of information on your runs, aiming to improve your board skills. There are four load sensors, two flex sensors, and an accelerometer. Data is sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is then analysed through the app. As a result, you’re provided with feedback on things like weight balance, centre of gravity, acceleration, and board bend. The data is seen after the run, but the XON Snow-1 bindings also include LED lights that indicate riding position on the fly. This allows you to make small adjustments to your stance while showing off, making it easier to impress on the go. Check it out at xon.cerevo.com. Price yet to be confirmed.

APP OF THE WEEK: This Century


As the ICC World Cup has just kicked off, you’ll not want to miss any centuries your country clocks up. It is useful that the ICricket app sends you match updates through push notifications, so no lingering to wait for something major to happen. The best part of the app is the running commentary along with scores, which, as we all know, is the most essential part of any cricket match. Free for iOS and Android users.

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