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05 Feb 2015
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Gadgets are great, but practicality is key. Matthew Herbst explores the world of pocket gizmos and finds that size does matter

If you’re constantly battling tangled charger wires or frequently lose pens in the depths of your bag, then you’ll benefit from this multifunctional gadget that provides solutions to both problems. Twist off the end of this ballpoint pen and you’ll find a micro USB and eight-pin charging adapter concealed inside. When extended, the Connector Pen will provide 21cm of cable, allowing you to charge your Apple or Android smartphone from any USB port. RO8.69 from firebox.com

Pocket rocket
There are many moments in life that benefit from music and this pocket rocket provides a quality of audio that defies its size. Play your music through Bluetooth, plug in your TF/micro SD card or play right from the source via the included aux cable. Measuring just under 8cm wide, the Mifa Bluetooth Speaker is ideal for days out and proves that good things really do come in small packages. RO11.56 from mifalife.net


Small words
The beauty of the Jorno Folding Bluetooth Keyboard is that after three quick folds you can pop it in your pocket and away you go, no cables required. Big fingers struggling on small touch screens will soon be a problem of the past. Prices from RO30.41, available from March 2015 at jornostore.com


Editor’s Pick: Snap me up!

Group photos can be a tricky affair. If your arms aren’t long enough for an Oscars-style selfie, then the chances are you’re going to have to sacrifice someone from the shot and put them on photography duty. This is where Snap Remote becomes the hero. This little pocket device works with a free app that is compatible with all iOS and android devices and allows you to take group photos that fit the entire family in. It also comes with a handy phone stand, so you don’t have to worry about that either! RO4.05 from amazon.co.uk


Mini Blaster
Not only does this nifty gadget charge your devices, but it also plays your music. Sporting a mega 2W speaker and a 3500mAh battery, which is enough to charge most smartphones at least twice, the Pebble Aria comes with a USB charging port and a 3.5mm jack, so you can charge and play at the same time. RO23.16 from veho-world.com


New: Bladefish action video camera with underwater case

We don’t always have time to stop and pose for photographs in our hectic lives, but with this one-touch compact video camera you don’t have to. Attach it to almost anything using an array of different clips and effortlessly create your own action video diary. The lithium-ion battery allows for up to two hours of continuous recording and it also has room for a micro SD card. The fantastic Bladefish action camera enables you to capture your memories digitally and hold onto them forever and you can even use it underwater with the case provided. Affordably priced at RO23.19 from amazon.com

Waterproof to 10 metres
One-button control
Frame rate: 30fps
Clips and attachments included


Beard bannisher
Having to look your best for the day’s meetings can be a huge task, but with the iShave it’s no problem whatsoever. Featuring a high-gloss case and ultra-thin net foil with floating blades for a close, comfortable shave, it’s styled to look like an iPhone and can be recharged via a USB port. Perfect for guys on the go. RO5.21 from amazon.com


App of the week: In your pocket
Pocket-app Pocket-app-1
With so much to see on the web, it’s easy to forget what you’ve bookmarked. The great thing about Pocket is that you can save articles, social media posts, videos or pretty much anything into one central place directly from your browser and go through it later at your leisure. Best of all, you won’t even need an internet connection. Free at getpocket.com

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