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04 Feb 2015
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Struggling to make your perfume last the day? Try Y’s top tips to give your scent that extra oomph

We all have our favourite perfume and the ways in which we apply it. There’s an art to applying perfume and knowing exactly where to put it – too little won’t last, but too much can blow away your friends and colleagues, not to mention garner odd looks in the office lift. If you feel your perfume is fading away to almost nothing by the end of the day, then perhaps you need to try these tips and tricks:

1. Spray, don’t rub
According to, it’s best to spray your perfume onto your body rather than rubbing it in, as this apparently “crushes down” the molecules in your favourite scent. It does sound rather scientific, but then again the art of making perfume is a lengthy process that takes a great deal of skill, as some of the world’s best perfumers will attest.

2. Dare to be bare
Okay, so we’re not saying to bare everything to the world here, but always ensure that you spray your perfume on before getting dressed. Why? Well, some perfumes can stain clothes – and who wants to ruin their favourite LBD? But the main reason behind this is that the “natural heat” of our skin activates perfumes. This will ensure a longer-lasting scent as we go about our busy day-to-day lives.

3. Hair today
This is a great little secret and we have to confess that we saw our mums doing it when we were growing up! Simply spray a little perfume onto your hairbrush and then brush your hair. Every time you move, you’ll give off a lovely waft of your scent.

4. Oils ain’t oils
We know, we know: oily skin can be a pain, but did you know that perfume loves oil? Well, moisturiser to be exact. Apparently, this tip is scientifically proven, so if you have dry skin, slather yourself with a fragrance-free moisturiser before applying your perfume. Better still, use the branded moisturiser that goes with your perfume, which will create a deeper layer of scent.

5. Finger on the pulse
Finally, it’s important to know your pulse points, which will help to optimise your scent. The two most common pulse points (basically where you can feel your heart rate) are the inside of your wrists and the base of your throat. But did you know that the inside of your elbows and behind your knees are also must-spray pulse points? No? Neither did we, but we do now!

Top 3 classic perfumes:
Chanel No. 5


A timeless classic, it’s hard to resist the notes of ylang-ylang, May rose and jasmine.

Miss Dior Chérie

For the young and the young at heart, this fragrance is fresh and fruity, and is highlighted by citrus and floral notes.

Opium by YSL

A bold classic that has stood the test of time, Opium is famed for its mandarin and bergamot notes that are enhanced by vanilla, patchouli and amber.

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