Fashion: Toddler Chic

05 Feb 2015
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You’re never too young for style. Make sure your little ones get off to the right start, says Adam Hurrell

Children’s fashion has been completely transformed since my days as a child and there are now some great items on the market that are both practical and smart. Prices have also fallen, making it possible to dress your children in quality, long-lasting clothes without remortgaging your home. With two new arrivals in my extended family, children’s clothing has become something I have been buying a lot of lately. Here are some of the favourites that I’ve come across recently.


This cotton jumper is a fun staple item that can be worn with almost anything and will be a sure favourite in your own little lion’s wardrobe. RO6.9 from H&M



Every little girl needs a best dress, more so if it’s a bright and cheerful yellow one from Zara. It’s ideal for special occasions and BFF parties, while the colour also means your little princess should be easy to spot in a crowd. RO12.9 



Worn with or without a tie, this smart outfit from Marks & Spencer will still be snazzy. Made from a linen and cotton blend, it should also be cool during the warmer months. RO18



Teamed with a white cardigan, white socks and a cute pair of Mary Janes, this blue cotton dress is the perfect item for a smart family occasion. RO13.64 from



Little boys – and girls! – love dinosaurs and what better way to sport them than with a hoodie. Fun, cosy and perfect for keeping warm on a chilly evening. RO9.9 from H&M



This t-shirt from Zara is simple and elegant. It’s also made from organic cotton, so will be gentle on your little one’s skin. Zara does this design in a variety of colours, making it a great staple item. And it’s a bargain at RO3.5


Kids clothing tips:
1. The old days of blue for boys and pink for girls are long gone. Avoid establishing gender stereotypes in your children by dressing them in a variety of colours.
2. Children’s skin is notoriously sensitive. Try and make sure their clothes are soft to the touch and as natural in composition as possible.
3. Kids grow fast. If you find a piece that your child really likes and will want to wear beyond the period of time specified on the label, buy the size up as well, so that when one becomes too small they can wear the bigger one.

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