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12 Feb 2015
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Did you know that what you wear to a job interview can make or break your chances of career advancement? Get it right with key advice from Adam Hurrell

First impressions count, none more so than when you are going to a job interview. The first 10 seconds are the most important, so it is essential that you look the part. Shirts need to ironed, shoes need to be shined and you need to smile. If you know you look clean and tidy, you will feel more mentally prepared as well. Follow this simple guide to ensure that your next interview is just that little bit less stressful.


For the suit, keep it simple and keep it classic. Spend as much as you can afford and it will be an investment that you’ll always get a return on. Look for something like this brilliant one from the British brand DAKS. RO352



The tie is a tricky area. You need something that matches the suit, complements the shirt and doesn’t look too showy. Yet at the same time, it can’t look dull. Club ties are a safe option and this one from Charles Tyrwhitt is the sort of style to aim for. RO30



Black is the best colour when it comes to shoes. Whether they are an Oxford toe or a full or half brogue doesn’t really matter so long as they are in good condition and highly polished. Take inspiration from this beautiful pair by English shoemaker Churches. RO182



White shirts work well for job interviews. Make sure it’s cotton, clean and well ironed – if possible, use starch. This one from Ede & Ravenscroft is the sort of thing you need to look for. RO21



Novelty cufflinks are never a good idea, especially for a job interview. Instead, go for something simple and elegant, such as these circular cufflinks from Thomas Pink. RO41


Winning work wear:

1. Don’t wear red. It is power colour and can make you appear intimidating – not a great first impression.
2. Keep your outfits classic and elegant. They will last longer and look smarter.
3. If you have a navy suit, never be tempted to wear brown shoes with it.


The perfect suit:
When choosing a suit for work, buy something classic so that it will last. You really can’t go wrong with a navy, single-breasted, two-button design. Only attempt a double-breast if you are slim, as the cut of the jacket will make your torso look wider than it actually is.

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