Cutting edge: Pixelated hair

12 Feb 2015
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Y takes a look at the latest hair trend that makes your head look like a character out of Minecraft

As our love of all things digital grows with every passing year, it comes as no surprise that a few hairdressers in Spain have come up with a style that gives technophiles the ultimate look.
We’re talking “pixelated” hair, or as the colourists have dubbed it – “xpresionpixel”.
Apparently, “xpresionpixel” is a 3D hair trend that has been gaining traction for a few months now.
Basically, it’s based on square blocks of colour that are “soaked” into the hair. They then fall on top of each other to create the pixel effect. Think Minecraft, or perhaps a massively blown up photograph, in which you’ll see the pixels – and then imagine it on hair.
You can be as subtle or as loud as you want in your colour choice – neon anybody? – it just depends on your personality.

According to the US website Buzzfeed, the look is being seen on the streets in the US, Spain and the UK. Even Revlon, the beauty conglomerate, is getting in on the act and recreating 3D hair for its latest beauty campaign.
While it hasn’t yet made it to the shores of Oman (unless you know something we don’t!), we are willing to bet that it won’t be long before somebody here picks up on it.
Just in case you want to be a part of the digital hair trend and stay a step ahead of your friends, here’s some top tips on getting the look:

To optimise the look, you’ll need straight hair that has minimal movement.
One hair expert recommends trying the look in a small area first, such as in the fringe, which means it can be grown out easily if you are not happy with it.
Speak to a professional hair colourist before making a commitment to help you decide on colour, suitability and placement.
Remember, this look isn’t for everybody’s hair type.
Don’t try to create this look at home!

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