Crime in Decline

18 Feb 2015
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The number of crimes registered in Oman declined sharply in 2014, a feat that has been attributed to increased patrols by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) and extensive awareness programmes.

“There was also a remarkable dip in crimes in 2014. The number of crimes committed by both nationals and expatriates dipped by 15 per cent in 2014,” an official at the ROP told a local newspaper.

The number of crimes reported in 2013 was 15,346, a figure which dropped to 13,044 last year. There was no vehicle theft registered with the ROP in 2014, the official noted.

“Intensive awareness campaigns among all segments of the community as well as coordination with Omani families about the consequences of committing crimes has led to a decline in the crime rate,” the official added.

However, 2014 saw an increase of more than 50 per cent in drug-related crimes and violation of labour and residence laws.

The official revealed that it was not only the jobless who commited crimes, but also people from other segments of society.

Mohammed al Wahaibi, a Muscat Shura member, believes that increased employment rates have significantly helped bring down crime rates in the past three years and explained that social media has helped young people become more aware about legal acts and laws in Oman.

“Educational levels of the new generation also played a big part in enlightening the Omani community not to forget that crime can damage a society,” al Wahabi told a local newspaper.

Anitha Johnson, a long-term resident of Oman, says she feels safe here. “I have been a resident in other GCC countries for more than 22 years,” she told a local newspaper. “I have been staying in Oman for the last six years. When compared to other GCC countries, Oman is the safest. I even feel safe while walking alone in the evening at around 9pm in the town.”

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