Fancy a game of camel racing?

01 Jan 2015
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Forget Angry Birds or Candy Crush. Next time you feel like playing a game on your smartphone or tablet, have a go at Camel Racing.

The brainchild of former art teacher turned game developer, Salim al Hajri, it could become the new addictive game in the Sultanate – once a few glitches are sorted out.

Based on the traditional Omani sport, Camel Racing captures all the drama with lots of fun on sand added in.
With curled lips and a snarling smile, the camel has to be guided round a racecourse scattered with holes, ponds and bundles of alfalfa.

“The player has to target the alfalfa and take a detour away from the excavations,” says Salim, who is co-founder of an Al Khoud-based 3D company.

The more alfalfa gulped by the camel, the faster he’ll go. Too little and he’ll start falling into ponds and holes in the ground.

To test it out, Salim’s children have been putting the game – and the virtual camels – through their paces.
As to why he chose camel racing for his first game, Salim, who worked on it during his spare time, simply says: “Camel racing is an exquisite-scene tradition in Oman.”

At the moment, the game only runs on Android’s 4.3 operating system or below with problems encountered on OS 4.4. Modificiations should hopefully sort this out.

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