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22 Jan 2015
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You don’t need an expensive gym membership to keep fit and healthy. Try simple exercises making use of things you have or do in your daily routine and it could make all the difference

Not everyone enjoys working out at the gym or can afford it. Others simply can’t spare the time in their busy schedule to commit 30 minutes or longer to exercise every day.

But Y will show you that you don’t always need to. With a bit of thought and simple innovation, you can have regular workouts using everyday objects around you.

As with any exercise, you need to build up gently and gradually incorporate the moves into your life.


Perform the below circuit through twice with no breaks between exercises, but take a one-minute rest between circuits.

If you’re a complete beginner, why not start with one of the exercises and slowly add the other moves as you get fitter and stronger?

Stair Crossovers


Find a long and wide set of stairs. Starting from the top, facing side on, place your right leg down a step, crossing it in front of your left. Place the left leg on the step below your right. Cross the right leg behind your standing leg onto the step below and then move your left leg a step down as before. Repeat to the bottom of the stairs, squat down and repeat back up to the top. Switch the direction you are facing and repeat with the other leg. Start slowly and increase speed as your confidence grows. This is a great workout for your calves and helps work the mind as well.

Squat Lunges


Mark out roughly 10 metres and grab two water dispenser replacement bottles, one in each hand. Step forward with one foot into a lunge position; both knees should form a 90 degree angle. Straighten your legs, bringing the back foot in line with the front. Repeat on the other leg until you have crossed 10 metres. Turn around and repeat. The benefits of lunges are numerous; they tighten up your glutes, give you better core stability and improve balance among many other things.

Handstand Push-ups 


Find a wall and place your hands on the floor, roughly 50 centimetres away. Push yourself up into a handstand position and let your feet rest against the wall. Perform five vertical push-ups before taking 30 seconds’ rest. Repeat this until you have performed five sets. During a handstand push-up, your upper body bears 100 per cent of your body weight as opposed to 60 per cent during a regular push-up, which makes it a great workout for your deltoids, the upper chest, upper back and triceps.

Weighted Shuttle Runs


Squat to pick up a water dispenser replacement bottle and lift it onto one of your shoulders. Walk, jog or run over a 10-metre distance before placing the bottle on the ground once more. Squat to pick it up again and repeat on the opposite shoulder. Perform the exercise for five minutes. Shuttle runs increase your agility and stamina. The strain placed on your body’s aerobic systems will also improve recovery time.


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