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08 Jan 2015
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Our weekly slot takes a lighthearted look at a news issue, this week it’s all about how to maximise willpower 

Q: Have you got any tips to help me stick to my New Year’s resolution?
A: Yes I do as a matter of fact. How well are you sleeping at the moment?

Q: I’m sorry, but what has that got to do with New Year’s resolutions?
A: Well, more than you may think actually. According to a study conducted by psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, the more sleep people have, the stronger willpower they have.

Q: Seriously? How did he find that out?
A: He conducted a survey of 1,000 people on the internet and found that 60 per cent of those who reported that they were sleeping well found it easier to achieve their resolutions, compared to 40 per cent of those who reported to be sleeping badly. Wiseman told a British newspaper that evidence from his survey indicated the easiest way to change your life is “simply doing nothing and spending more time in bed.”

Q: So snoozing is the way forward?
A: To some extent yes, but it has to be put into context. It’s a well-known fact that those who get more sleep are more rested and are often less stressed than those who sleep badly. When we are calm and rested we are able to think more clearly and more logically. It therefore makes sense that those who get more sleep will have more resolve than those who are tired and stressed out.

Don’t say: I’m giving up on my New Year’s resolutions.
Do say: Back to bed for me!

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