Bite Sized: Party Poopers

29 Jan 2015
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Our weekly slot takes a lighthearted look at a news issue, this week it’s all about party poopers

Q: What’s a party pooper?
A: The Oxford Dictionary says it’s a person who “throws gloom over social enjoyment”. But in this case, we’re referring to the British woman who recently invoiced a five-year-old boy £15.95 (RO9.33) for not turning up to her son’s skiing birthday party.

Q: Seriously? She sounds more like a wowser! (Killjoy)
A: The woman has been called a lot of nasty things since the story broke – just read the comment section in the Daily Mail, or the Daily Fail as we like to call it.

Q: So what happened?
A: Basically, it’s a case of he said, she said. Apparently the boy was invited to the party and there was a verbal acceptance. But his family’s plans changed and the parents couldn’t make contact as it was during the school holidays and they couldn’t find the invite – as we are sure millions of mums and dads the world over have experienced (even Y’s had this problem in the past!).

Q: And?
A: Well, an invoice was passed to the teacher (who’s since had her knuckles rapped by the head teacher), who then gave it to the boy to take home. The next thing you know, it’s making headlines around the world.

Q: What ever happened to simple birthday parties?
A: We have to say that they still happen, but there’s a lot of playground rivalry – between parents, aka keeping up with the Joneses.

Q: Children’s birthday parties sound like a minefield.
A: They can be, but we have to say that an easy-going, relaxed attitude is the best way to handle them. Oh, and not spending the equivalent of a small country’s GDP on a party to beat all parties for Master Five. Better save that for the 21st, when it will be more appreciated, not to mention remembered.

Don’t say: Here’s your invoice.
Do say: Hope you can come – but not to worry if you can’t.

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