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04 Dec 2014
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We all like to make our cars that little bit more unique. With these upgrades and modifications, you’re sure to stand out from the crowd, as Adam Hurrell explains…


Safe and secure

Ever wanted to start your car remotely from a distance so by the time you get there the air con will have the internal temperature just the way you like it? If so, the AVITAL 5303L Security/Remote Start System is for you. It allows you to lock and unlock the car from a distance and the remote sensor sends security updates, so you’ll know if the doors have been opened in your absence. The perfect tool for keeping your pride and joy safe, sound and wonderfully cool on the inside. Available from amazon.com for RO174


Fresh Air

Occasionally, the interior of cars can harbour obnoxious odours, with the potential to slightly sour long journeys. Luckily, the Sharp High Density Plasmacluster Ion Generator for Car Use air purifier removes these smells and rids the air from bacteria at the same time, leaving your car with a much fresher and cleaner aroma. Available from amazon.com for RO26


Keeping cool on the move
On a long journey, it’s great to pull over for a break and a cold drink. It can be thoroughly annoying though when that cold drink in the glovebox is now warm. This frustration need no longer make you boil over as the brilliant Koolatron P65 Kargo 12v Portable Cooler will keep your Coke cold and your chocolate solid. Simply plug it into your 12-volt socket and hey presto, no more warm fizzy drinks or soggy sandwiches. Available from Amazon.com for RO52
Editor’s Pick: Parking perfectly
Bollards and curbs can be tricky to spot when parking, as can the animal or child that has just run behind the car. Park your reversing fears with this brilliant after-market Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3″ Dash Monitor. Easy to install above the rear number plate, the image is displayed on a screen placed on the dashboard. It’s waterproof and usable at night, making it the ideal accessory to prevent any nasty accidents, dents or scrapes. Available from amazon.com for RO48


For the kids:

“Are we nearly there yet?” Transform your rear seat passenger’s journeys from a bore to a score with these DVD players. Mounted on the head restraint of the front seats, they come complete with separate wireless headphones and remote controls for each unit. Each system can play separate DVDs, meaning your little ones don’t even have to compromise on what film they would like to watch. You can also play films and TV programmes via USB and SD flash card input. Perfect for keeping your rear seat passengers occupied while you get on with the driving. The Power Acoustik HDVD-9GRDK 8.8-Inch Pre-Loaded Universal Headrest Monitors with Twin DVD Combo and Headphones is available from amazon.com for RO193


NEW: Garmin nüvi 2577LT 



Driving with a map is so last century. A sat nav is the way to go. Mounted easily on the windscreen and powered through the 12-volt socket, this brilliant five-inch Garmin sat nav, is the ideal travelling companion. This little gem also gives lane guidance, which will make exiting multi-lane highways much easier. Those dreadful moments of panic can be banished to the mists of driving history. Lifetime map updates are also included with this model, making it completely future-proof. The Garmin nüvi 2577LT 5-Inch Bluetooth Portable Vehicle GPS is available from amazon.com for RO77


Glowing handles

Take your exterior aesthetics to a whole new level with this very snazzy Plasmaglow 10347 Aqua LED Door Handle Kit. Make the doors really stand out in dark car parks with these LED strips that can be installed behind the handle, making them invisible once fitted. They can also be wired into your security systems to make them illuminate when the car is unlocked. Available from Amazon.com for RO17


App of the week: Trak manager  
For those of us who enjoy analysing the details when we travel, Trak Manager is ideal. It will record your speed, distance, altitude and give you information on your rate of acceleration via its accelerometer to name just a few of its nifty tricks. Available for FREE from the app store. 

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