New Year’s Resolutions

31 Dec 2014
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A new year can only mean one thing – setting out goals for the 12 months ahead. Here Team Y reveals their promises and hopes for 2015

Felicity Glover
Y’s Managing Editor


Every year, I vow to not make any resolutions. I mean, we have enough responsibilities in our lives without stressing about a New Year resolution that is likely to fall by the wayside months or even weeks later. But there is one thing I do every year – and that’s to make a New Year’s Eve wish. The wish is always the same: good health and happiness for all, and world peace. Happy New Year to you all!


Kate Ginn
Y’s Deputy Editor


For me, 2014 was a year of great highs and lows, challenges and adventures. I sadly lost my stepmum towards the end of the year. Luckily I was able to spend time with her in the final weeks. Which is why my main resolution for 2015 is to prioritise my life and make much more time for family and friends. Work and possessions are not, when it comes to the crunch, the things that matter. Loving and being loved, spending time with your loved ones and showing that you care, is what life is really all about.


Matthew Herbst
Y’s Art Director


I have made a few resolutions. I need to find more time for exercise and smoke less. I need to lose weight and get back into the shape that I was when I arrived in Oman back in 2013. I also want to stay in better contact with friends and family and do more things that I love to do and that make me happy, such as photography, painting and drawing. I also plan to make one kind gesture every day of the year, whether it’s donating to charity, helping an animal or even a small thing such as holding open a door for someone.


Shaquel al Balushi
Y’s Photographer


I’ve had a difficult three years. In 2012 I was on a great holiday in Thailand, but when I came home I lost my job and ever since then, things have gone downhill. I’m normally a very positive person, but the past few years have been challenging and I was beginning to become quite negative. One day I was going through Y and saw that the magazine needed a new photographer, which I saw as my opportunity. After that, my perspective completely changed. Photography is my passion and this year I intend to banish the negativity of previous years through doing what I love.


Adam Hurrell
Y’s Multimedia Journalist


My resolutions are pretty straightforward, but very important for me. I want to regain my previous levels of fitness by making a concerted effort to get out running more often. I live opposite a beach so there’s really no excuse not to get out there and run. I also want to get out and about with my 35mm and 120mm roll film cameras more often and make the most of the beauty Oman has to offer. Finally, I hope to save more money.


Deeba Hasan
Y’s Intern


My New Year’s resolution is to become more responsible and proactive about everything that concerns me – from organising more outings with family and friends and putting that extra effort into my work, to things like being able to go to the gym regularly and cook more often. Besides this, I also want to get into some serious journalism and make sure I travel around a little. I have wanted to travel to Turkey and Switzerland with my family for a while now and I really hope I am able to do that this year.


Matt Blackwell
Y’s Sub Editor


I decided to branch out with my resolution making as we move into 2015 and will attempt to finish everything I start this year. One of the most obvious examples is my travel journal. I kept a diary over six months of travelling, which I began writing up into something of a hybrid between a Bill Bryson book and an episode of An Idiot Abroad. I wrote more than 20,000 words last year, but left my journal in England when moving to Oman, slowing progress to a halt. My journal travelled back to Muscat with me after a Christmas break and rest-assured I’ll be typing away as and when the opportunities arise.

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