Ice cream for the modern age

18 Dec 2014
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Gone are the days when ice cream was merely a softy cone and a few flavours. The market today is all about innovation, with new products that taste as good as they look. Deeba Hasan tucks in

It used to be that ice cream came in three flavours – chocolate, strawberry and vanilla – and was served in a dish with nothing more fancy than a wafer or two on the side.

How things have changed. Now, fancy ice cream parlours are super-cool (pun intended), selling all sorts of mouthwatering tastes and multi-coloured designer creations, from ice cream sandwiches to frozen yoghurt desserts. No longer can you satisfy a child, or indeed an adult, with a measly cone or an ice lolly. They will probably ask you for a Pinkberry, Ice Cream Mama or Baskin-Robbin in one of the trendy new flavours such as love potion #31 or rock ’n pop swirl sherbert.

To ensure you don’t get left out in the cold, here’s a rundown of the “must tries” of the ice cream world on offer from around Muscat:

Ice cream cakes  

Enjoy the twin temptations of ice cream and cake at the same time. In its basic form, it consists of a cake which has the ice cream in its inner layer. The most common variation is a three-layered cake, with two layers of cake (upper and bottom) and a layer of ice cream between them. Caramel, chocolate fudge, red velvet and vanilla flavours can be found at Ice Cream Mama.

Ice cream smoothies   

If you love fruit flavoured milkshakes and smoothies, this goes one step further by adding ice cream into the mix. Throw in a dash of yoghurt too and you have a healthy midday snack and a refreshing fruit drink all in one. A guaranteed winner with children too. You can find these at Ice Cream Mama, Baskin-Robbins and other ice cream or juice parlours.


Ice cream sandwiches   

It’s all in the name, except this sandwich has no bread in it. Instead, ice cream sandwiches consist of a thick layer of ice cream in between two layers of biscuit. These specialities are available in various local supermarkets.


Unique flavoured ice creams

Forget about traditional  flavours, it’s all about tasting something new with ice cream these days. Your tastebuds can be tickled by anything from hot chili to cotton candy. Ice Cream Mama has recently introduced ice cream with a twist, mixing it up with traditional Omani flavours such as halwa, dates, coconut, karak tea and Omani Luban (Frankincense).


Frozen yoghurt

Also known as a “Froghurt”, this is a frozen dessert made using yoghurt and other dairy products. The dessert is a low fat option that is similar to ice cream and consists of mostly fruit and berries in an effort to make it more healthy. The amount of ice cream in these vary and they can use milk instead of cream. Pick these up at Pinkberry, a frozen yohgurt parlour in Muscat.


Strawberry ice cream shake

§    225g strawberries, hulled
§    300ml cold milk
§    3 large scoops vanilla ice cream
§    extra strawberries, to serve (optional)

Preparation method
●     Tip the hulled strawberries into a food processor with the milk and ice cream. Blend until smooth and creamy.
●     Pour into tall glasses, top with sliced strawberries.

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