Destination: Wadi Indam Natural Park

18 Dec 2014
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This week, we head back in time to 2010 to explore the contrasting colours of Wadi Indam Natural Park

For a few weeks now, we’ve been rifling through former Y photographer Jerzy Wierzbicki’s collection of images, taken on hundreds of trips that span the entire country. Amazed by what we came across, we decided to run a retrospective series for the benefit of our readers who may have missed these beautiful places the first time round. This week, it’s the rocky outcrops and greenery of Wadi Indam Natural Park that’s in the spotlight.

“While the beach or mountains may first come to mind when planning a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city for a weekend, Wadi Indam provides an equally suitable oasis and somewhat of a unique location in this country.


“It’s a place of great beauty but can swiftly turn into an altogether more dangerous spot at the whim of natural forces. During unstable weather conditions, Wadi Indam is prone to flooding and can be turned into a raging river following heavy downpours, just like many of the Sultanate’s
other wadis.


“Thankfully, the weather was fine for this trip. Clusters of green trees are what marks out Wadi Indam, providing shade and comfort for visitors, not to mention aesthetic pleasures too. The site is within easy reach of Muscat, so you won’t need to spend hours planning this trip. At a little over 150km from the city, all you need to do is take the Nizwa road to Sinaw, along which you’ll find directions pointing you towards Wadi Indam Natural Park somewhere between Izki and Sinaw. The park is just a kilometre from the tarmac road, so easily accessible for most vehicles, although a light SUV may be best suited.


“A small children’s play area is also on offer there, but in all honesty, it will most probably be the trees, rocks and shrubs of the wadi that will keep the kids occupied.”

How to get there:

GPS location of Wadi Indam Natural Park:
N22°45’59” E58°00’31”


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