Destination: Bidbid Fort

31 Dec 2014
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Oman is a country filled with historical wonders, many of which are often only a few dozen kilometres drive out of the city. On a recent trip to the mountains, Team Y made a quick stop at Bidbid fort


The Al Dakhiliyah region is known for its forts and small castles, located at strategic points on the top of hills or at the entrances to wadis or villages. Recently, Team Y set off from Muscat and headed out for some adventure.
On the main road, just behind Fanja, we came across a brown road sign directing us to Bidbid Fort.

The mid-morning winter light was strong but warm, so we decided to stop by for a visit. This turned out to be a good decision, as an acute angle between the sun and the fort presented a fantastic opportunity for some great photos.
Quiet and surrounded by dark brown mountains with a lot of green palm trees, Bidbid is the perfect example of a typical small town in the region and has its own special atmosphere, especially at this time of year.

Located just behind the town, the fort is next to a wide wadi. Rising up high into the sky, the formidable building has been completely restored and now stands surrounded by palm trees and falaj systems that are filled with cold, fresh water. The main entrance is located towards the back, on the side facing the wadi, and small cannons can still be found pointing out in the fort’s defence.

The main wall of the fort is several dozen metres high and one of the most impressive aspects are the towers that cast a great shadow on the ground below.

Unfortunately it was closed as we passed by, but speaking to a local we found that the fort is usually open during the week. Although we couldn’t get in for a wander around the interior, at a little over 50km from Muscat and with no need for a 4×4, Bidbid Fort is certainly well worth a visit.


How to get there:
From Muscat, simply take the main road to Nizwa along route 15. A few kilometres after the town of Fanja, the turn to Bidbid is well signposted. The fort is located at the end of the village, near a wide stony wadi, where you’ll also find ample space for parking.

GPS location of Bidbid:
N23°24’45” E58°07’35”

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