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31 Dec 2014
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so make sure you look your best to see and be seen

While there’s no magic way to transform your appearance overnight, you can freshen up your look through your eyewear. If you’ve worn the same glasses for years, a simple frame change can revitalise your face and style – and even take years off of you.
For example, if you typically wear simple metal frames, try picking out a plastic frame with a pop of colour. It might seem out of your comfort zone at first, but frames that make a statement are stylish and can boost your confidence.
You can find frames for all face shapes and styles, but here are some fresh ideas for the new year from the style experts at VSP Vision Care:

● You can’t go wrong with tortoise shell and brown-toned glasses. These look great with all skin and hair colours and they could be the perfect accessory for your winter wardrobe.

● Colourful retro cat-eye frames can be worn casually or dressed up for any occasion. This style and colour combination is a great way to make a fashion statement.

● Classic round frames with a hint of colour inside provide a comfortable fit. Though the inside colouring is subtle, those with complementary eye colours will notice that these frames make their eyes pop.

Seasonal trends aside, finding the right frame for your face will make your style and inner beauty shine. The VSP style experts also offer these tips to match your face shape with the most flattering frame.

Oval: This is the easiest face to fit because it’s symmetrical. Nearly every frame shape looks good.

Oblong: Round, square or rectangular frames add width, as do details on the temples.
Round: Frames with angular lines add definition and deep colours are slimming. Create length with rectangular frames.

Square: Round, oval and slightly curved frames are ideal. Think narrow frames too. They soften the jawline while still taking advantage of your athletic look.

Triangular: Frames with design details and colour at the top help balance the face. Try cat-eye or semi-rimless frames.

Heart-shaped: Choose smaller frame styles without detail on the temples to balance the upper and lower halves of your face. Rectangular, square and aviator frames are just right.

Diamond-shaped: Top-heavy frames, like aviators, semi-rimless or cat-eye styles with details on the brow line all look great.

When choosing fashionable new frames, pay attention to proportion and fit. Ensure the eyewear fits properly on the bridge of your nose, so you’re not pushing loose glasses back into place or forcing frames with a tight nose pad area onto a nose with a larger bridge. It’s also important that your eyes are centered in the lenses.
Not only will your glasses look well-fitted on your face, but you’ll see better. According to VSP’s style experts, your optician can help you find the perfect frames and fit them to your face.
It’s also worth finding out whether you can receive savings when buying additional pairs of glasses.
If so, it might be worth purchasing an extra couple of pairs, as well as a sassier frame for when you want to make a statement.
Anything that could make you look younger, feel better and look better, is definitely worth a go in our books.
You never know, it might turn out that simply changing your glasses is the most cost effective beauty treatment you’ll try all year.

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