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06 Nov 2014
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It’s so much more than a game. Matthew Herbst takes a look at everything you need to transform the virtual into reality, whether you’re at home or on the go…

Shape shifter


It’s not everyday that you can say you’ve played Tetris on your mug while enjoying a cuppa. Well now you can with the Tetris Challenge Heat Mug, designed to banish lunchtime blues. The instructions are simple: just fill the mug with hot water and the bricks will magically appear. When the mug is empty the images freeze up, but don’t worry, as soon as you add boiling water the game will kick in again. Look out for a Pac-Man version as well. www.amazon.com from RO3.83

Front row


If you’re looking for a cinema chair or perhaps a computer gaming chair, then this versatile piece of comfort could fit the bill. Meet the X-Rocker Vision 2.1 Wireless Sound Gaming Chair, a chair guaranteed to blow minds with a full blast of audio and video surround sound. This exhilarating experience is compatible with all major game consoles and gadgets thanks to a universal audio output jack. So sit back and relax into the padded seat, put your feet up and listen to your iPod, watch TV or a movie or zone into your game. Whatever audio experience you’re after, the chances are  that the X-Rocker can oblige. Available at www.game.co.uk from around RO140.82

Sharp sound


When it comes to playing games, there are many aspects that can pique the interest of a particular gamer. For some, it’s having fantastic looking graphics that is of the utmost importance, while for the others, it requires lifelike audio. The ROCCAT Kave XTD Stereo Gaming Headset has the ability to deliver high-class stereo sound, as well as the cushioning comfort your ears require for those all-nighter gaming sessions. The frame is extremely lightweight yet durable and the headset comes with an easily accessible clip-on remote with volume control and mute switch. Last, but certainly not least, it sports a 360-degree rotatable and detachable noise-cancelling microphone that works wonders when communicating with other team members. Read all about it at www.roccat.org. Prices from RO29.94

Editor’s Pick: Retro gamer


The games we grew up on hold a special place in our hearts and always bring a smile to our faces when reminiscing with friends. Sometimes it’s fun to pull out our old consoles (if they still work) and see how much things have changed. If You can only find the game cartridge and not the console itself, then you need the Super Retro TRIO, which lets you use NES, SNES, and GENESIS game cartridges in order to relive those memories. There are three cartridge slots and six controller ports, which will work with original or third-party controllers. It also comes with two controllers, an AV cable, S-Video connection, and an AC adapter. priced at just RO26.93, it’s great for some cost-effective nostalgia. Blasting your way back to the past is just one click away at www.innexinc.com

Mouse trap


An important aspect of gaming is control. And if you’re a PC gamer, then a good gaming mouse goes a long way. The Razer DeathAdder Chroma boasts a 10,000 DPI optical sensor capable of tracking a lift-off distance as precise as 1mm on most surfaces, while the upgraded sensor itself can handle mouse movement speeds of up to 200 inches per second, which ensures exacting accuracy and organic fluidity onscreen. Happy gaming! Check out this little companion at www.razerzone.com and snap it up for about RO39.96

NEW: GAEMS Vanguard


Are playing video games the best part of your day? Unfortunately, work can often get in the way and somehow, using your phone to play an app version of a game during lunch just doesn’t cut it. Well, what if you had a portable gaming station that had everything you needed to play on the go? Compatible with most consoles, the GAEMS Vanguard offers a 19” LED display and the option to plug in stereo speakers via the 3.5mm jack. There is a cushioned space to secure your console, controllers, and power supply so you don’t have to worry about damaging your equipment. If you really are a serious gamer and absolutely cannot live without your virtual fix for nine hours, then you’ll have to fork out RO134.68. This would be the perfect companion for those who travel a lot, or those heading out on vacation, but struggling to justify packing the entire home entertainment centre. Available from www.gaemspge.com

App of the week


In this day and age, there are thousands of gaming apps to download. The question, is which one is for you? You could overload your phone or tablet with useless games or you could download Appy Gamer and read up on which games best suit you and your budget. It doesn’t matter what your taste in games is, Appy Gamer has got you covered with all of the latest gaming news, personalised as per your preferences. Free on Google play and iTunes.

For her:


The PowerA is perfect for all Android using girl gamers. The Mobile Go Anywhere (MOGA) controller attaches onto any Gingerbread-enabled device and offers a user-friendly control scheme that’ll make you feel right at home. There are tonnes of free downloads along with an ever-growing list of titles available through the MOGA Pivot App. Just perfect for those quiet days in. Available for RO5.03 from www.amazon.com

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