Rain hits Oman

12 Nov 2014
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Many parts of Oman were battered with strong winds, heavy rains and thunderstorms last weekend, with the northern provinces, Muscat and Sohar in particular bearing the brunt of the bad weather. With temperatures cooling of late, meteorological experts said the conditions were brought about because of the transformation of low pressure over the Sultanate.

The stormy conditions hit Seeb at 9.30 in the morning on Saturday and progressed east towards Azaiba and the rest of Muscat, producing intermittent downpours throughout the day. Many low-lying areas of the city such as Ghubra, Qurum and Muttrah were left flooded. Elsewhere, Barka, Musannah and Mabelah were all struck by a hailstorm on Saturday morning. The intensity of the weather in Musannah caused portions of the ceiling to cave in at Indian School Muladah, although no injuries were reported due to it being a weekend. Repair works are under way at the school and classes were conducted as usual earlier this week.

Away from the cities, the adverse weather conditions caused wadis to overflow and roads to become submerged. In some areas, trees were uprooted, causing thousands of rials worth of damage to property. Snow also settled on roads and houses in Batinah. Although far from a winter wonderland, several farmers in the area expressed concerns for their crops. “It is like Europe here. It is freezing, but we are more worried about what we grow here. Our fruits and vegetables are all covered with snow and I don’t think we will be able to sell them in the market,” Suhail al Ramadhani, a farmer in Saham, told a local newspaper.


Going into the weekend, temperatures are expected to remain in the high 20s, with conditions sunny and pleasant. Many readers sent in pictures and videos of the weather in their areas – search for Y Magazine on Facebook to see the best pictures of the extreme conditions.

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