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Great Geely!

Join the Geely gang and you’ll be part of the coolest car revolution on the road. There’s a chance to win an iPad as well in our fabulous competition to find the best Geely facts out there

You may have already seen one of the cars out and about on the road in Oman, but not been sure what it was. Perhaps it was the sleek lines as it zipped past you on the highway or the rugged looks of another SUV off-roading in a wadi that caught your eye.

Whatever it may be once seen, a Geely is never forgotten.

Since the Chinese automotive brand launched in the Sultanate in 2011, the Geely range has made a name for itself with Oman’s discerning drivers, becoming synonymous with great looks, features and safety at very affordable prices.

Whether it’s the hot hatch GC2, the cheeky Geely LC – known as the Geely Panda in China for its appearance based on the iconic black and white bear – the crossover GX2 for the style conscious or the elegant Emgrand 8 sedan, with its outstanding performance and comfort, there’s a Geely to suit every driver and every need.

Now Y, in association with Geely and Towell Auto Centre, the sole distributor of Geely Emgrand in the Sultanate, is on a mission to grow the Geely gang with our car competition for both current Geely owners and prospective buyers.

To enter, all you have to do is submit a question about a Geely and we’ll pose it to a current owner. It could be about any of the models and on any topic. Be as fun and creative, or as straightforward as you like. For instance, you might want to know how the Emgrand X7, Geely’s SUV, handles off-road. If you’re in the market for a family car but are on a budget, why not ask the owner of the Emgrand 7 about its value for money?

If you’ve got your eye on a zippy small-size Geely LC, one of the brand’s fastest-selling models launched in Oman in June 2012, you could ask one of the owners of the car: “What’s the best feature of your LC?”

Starting on November 6, we’ll feature the four best questions and answers every week for the next three weeks. Two iPads will be given as prizes for the best Q&As and the winners will be announced in our November 27 issue. It really couldn’t be easier! Geely means “auspicious” or “lucky” in Mandarin Chinese, so the omens are good to be a winner.

Send your Geely question to editor@y-oman.com with your contact details by Monday, November 3, and we’ll do the rest. If you are a Geely owner, you can also register via the above email address to answer our reader questions.

Join the Geely Gang!
The Geely Middle East Facebook page has almost 14,000 likes. Check it out at Facebook.com/geely.me

Geely Gossip
Believe it or not, Geely began life as a fridge parts supplier in 1986, before being transformed into one of the leading Chinese car manufacturers.